Bubble Cushioning Wrap Bags

Excellent mechanical properties: tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on that meet the requirements of users.
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Company introduction:



1) What’s the field of the production?

This production can apply to lots of fields, wine packaging, fruits packaging packing, gift, promotion, advertising.etc.

2) Could you provide samples? How could I get the samples? Do they need cost? Will I pay for the shipping fee?

Yes, we could provide samples, and customer need cover freight.

3) What is express you use?


5) Can I add my logo on the bags?

Yes sure.

6) What are your payment terms?

We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balanced before shipment.

7) How many workers in your factory

We have 200-300workers.




1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



The quality problem

Problem a: PE protective film and paste weak between protected products, in the process of transport and use appear fall off phenomenon, the reasons for this problem to keep up with a question on the contrary, the biggest possibility is the protective film products in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive is used when insufficient, there is another possibility is that the user to post mold molding machine used by the pressure is not enough, or the profile surface is clean, no dust or paint, etc., influenced the sensitive adhesive paste effect!

If there is a problem, it is necessary to address the cause, medicine, change sensitive adhesive to increase the pressure of the film, or pay attention to the surface of the profile in the film, to avoid such problems.

Problem two: protective film in the middle of the use after a period of time performance is good, but on both ends of the wing, appear this kind of phenomenon is the main reason of the protective film in the protection material in the process of paste, the drawing is bigger, after the good post, in high temperature environment, appear the phenomenon of unnecessary retraction and this problem appears more customers in the south, so the PE protective film in the production process should pay attention to the effects of environmental temperature on product use, avoid unnecessary surface tension in the process of paste.

Question 3:

Users reflect the most is the problem of protective film products come unglued, most is reflected on this question in profile protective film, when the installation is completed the user profile and peel the protective film from the material surface, the protective performance of viscose with no protective film, but remain on the material products, the user's most is not willing to see, because this is very troublesome, need someone to get the glue off from the profile, especially takes work, appear this kind of problem has a variety of possibility, that is probably the biggest protective film products with pressure glue does not conform to the rules, also is too sticky, led to the stripping, PE protective film products in

The external tension is greater than the internal stress and remains on the profile.

If the user has this problem, you can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol, on the residual sensitive adhesive repeated rub test, until the sensitive adhesive was wiped clean, but need to pay attention to the rub test when you do not too hard, or it may affect the profile product smoothness.

Stripping difficulty problem four: protective film products, while the profile products installed for stripping, protective film can't effectively stripping, the reason is there are two possibilities, one is the protective film sensitive adhesive used for the product is not a special sensitive adhesive protective film, if so, the protective film on the paste when the effect is very good, of course, but will be very difficult in the shed, which is why some illegal protective film products manufacturers produced protective film of the most common problems, there is also a possibility is used in protective film master material too soft, can't bear the tension when the stripping, when stripping appear rupture phenomenon, this is to let users very headache problem.

Question 5: though PE protective film products can effectively stripping performance in material surface residual have protective film, the problem often occurs in some low levels of protective film on the product, this is because the protective film between the and protected material combination, in case of suitable environment, such as sunshine moisture and a combination of,

Use requirement

1. Suitable viscosity: easy to stick and tear;

2. Stable peeling force: little change in time, that is, the smaller the rising range of peeling force, the better;

3. Good weather resistance: in the sun exposure conditions, the use period of up to six months to one year;

4. Long storage life: stored in the warehouse for more than one year without any change in quality;

5. No pollution, no corrosion: the adhesive is inert, will not be adhered to the surface of the chemical reaction;

6. Excellent mechanical properties: tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on that meet the requirements of users.

Development and progress

With the development of the society and the progress of human beings, people's requirements for the quality of life are constantly improving and various new things are constantly appearing.

Is such a seemingly ordinary but to our life is also brought great convenience.

In the past, problems occurred in the packaging and transportation of some products. In the past, many of our products often had problems in the process of transportation, the most common is the problem of wear and tear, which caused great economic losses.

Because some items, once worn, are basically useless.

In the traditional packaging, our food industry and medical industry use the amount is very large.

The past use of packaging for environmental pollution is very big.

At the same time, PE protective film in the production of the process in constant improvement, we use the scope is also increasing.

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