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The fragments with lower molecular weight have further oxidation effect in the air, which leads to spontaneous chain breaking and further degradation into CO2 and water.
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Bubble wrap

Bubble bag definition:

Bubble bag refers to the packaging bag made of bubble film.

Also known as Air cushion Film, Air Bubble Film, Bubble cloth, Bubble paper, Bubble Film, Bubble Film, Air cushion Film.

Bubble film, is a high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, and then add whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, after about 230 degrees high temperature extrusion blister products.

It is a kind of chemical product for packing and filling.

With good shock absorption, impact resistance, thermal bonding, non - toxic, tasteless, moisture proof, corrosion resistance, transparency and other advantages.

Cushioning air packaging is invaluable for companies that transport items because it forces the product to remain stationary during transport and fills the empty interior of the box or package to increase cushioning protection against shock damage.

Since the invention of foam packaging, there have been a number of alternative products on the market that offer similar protection, with better effects and a wider range of protection.

Buffer bubble bag is such a very cost saving and perfect packaging requirements, it is usually used to protect packaging, filling and corner protection.

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Bubble bags are environmentally friendly biodegradable foam

Bubble bag is a kind of biodegradable plastic foam on light degradable plastics, the current in poly hydroxybutyric acid ester (PHB) and poly hydroxy valeric acid ester (PHV) for discussion, their function is similar to PE and PP, the price is about 10 times of PE, its truth is polymers receiving ultraviolet light effects, the key to weaken, long chain fragments divided into low molecular weight, decline in physical function.

The fragments with lower molecular weight have further oxidation effect in the air, which leads to spontaneous chain breaking and further degradation into CO2 and water.

According to the degradation mechanism, degradable plastics can be divided into photodegradable plastics, photodegradable plastics with photosensitizer added, biodegradable plastics and various degradable plastics.

According to the conditions of degradable plastics, it can be divided into photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, completely biodegradable plastics, partially biodegradable plastics, chemically degradable plastics, oxidative degradable plastics and water-degradable plastics, as well as the composite degradation data composed of the above three kinds of degradable plastics.

Photosensitizer added to photodegradable plastics is a small number of photosensitizers in the plastic processing process.

Because of the photoexcitation effect of photosensitizer and photochemical reaction, the bubble-bag material can accelerate the photodegradation process of polymer.

This kind of plastic manufacture method is brief, the cost is also low.

Photodegradable plastics can only be degraded under the condition of sunlight irradiation.

Bubble bag also known as air cushion film, bubble gum, bubble roll, etc., the use of low density polyethylene processing and become, is a kind of transparent flexible packaging data throughout the use at that time, widely used.

Bubble bag principle is the film including air to form bubbles to avoid product impact, to ensure that the product is shaken when the maintenance effect, but also has the effect of heat insulation, suitable for all walks of life of different products packaging or turnover.

Bubble bag because the center layer is filled with air, so the body is light, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-wear function, but also with waterproof, moistureproof, anti-pressure, reducing resistance performance.

Buffer bubble bags, to the Courier brought a big help

In today's society where efficiency is Paramount, e-commerce, as the choice of shopping for most people, naturally follows the eternal theme of efficiency.

Therefore, when the quantity of express delivery increases, the e-business will not look for the appropriate outer packaging for each package, but basically use the same size carton to package the goods. As a result, the products cannot fill a box, leading to the shaking and collision of the products in the process of transportation, which eventually leads to damage.

Of course, in order to prevent the collision between the product and the packing box, in addition to replacing the appropriate size of the packing box, you can also use buffer bubble bags to fill the gap between the product and the packing box.

This prevents the product from moving around in an empty container, which can better protect the product from damage.

The existence of a buffer bubble bag, which fills a large amount of air into the plastic film, allows e-commerce enterprises to fill the empty space of the express box with fewer materials.

It not only reduces the cost loss of buffer packaging materials, but also has the incomparable characteristics of buffer bubble bags, which can better protect products and avoid the damage caused by violent sorting and express delivery.

Buffer bubble bags can be made at any time, which not only reduces the cost of materials, but also reduces the cost of storage, greatly improving the efficiency of packaging and making e-commerce enterprises no longer have a headache in this aspect.

Bubble bags hold everyday facts

First: bubble bag should be stored in the warehouse, avoid the sun, rain;

Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, indoor should be kept clean and dry, room temperature between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃, the temperature is too high, or bubble bag will produce viscous;

Second: bubble bag should be placed in a bag, not scattered on the ground, not folding, storage time too long should be used immediately, placed for a long time bubble bag will appear no bubble leakage phenomenon;

Third: shall not be different materials, different specifications, thickness, style of bubble bag connection (with group) together;

Fourth: bubble bags placed in the place, do not appear smoking, lighters, fireworks, gasoline and other ignited items;

Fifth: the bubble bag is forbidden to squeeze, foot, weight compression, in case of bubble leakage.

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