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Its environmental protection sex is good, convenient reclaim, save a space, it is the advantage that lets a person shine at the moment.
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How to identify the quality of Air column packing bag

One, fill the thickness of the air bag; to identify the quality of the filling air bag is more convenient to check the thickness of the air column bag.

The quality is proportional to the thickness of the filled air bag. The greater the thickness of the air column bag, the more materials is used and the better the quality is. The better the protection effect is in the transportation process.

Second, fills the inflatable bag material, fills the inflatable bag mainly by the PE and the nylon composition, belongs to the polyethylene material.

The normal nylon content of the air column bags in circulation is about 15%, while the nylon content of the air column bags with poor quality is lower than this figure, or even can only reach 5%.

But testing for nylon requires special equipment.

Three, the factors in the production process, a good or bad air bag, there is a large part depends on a company's production equipment, technical capacity above.

On the market, the pressure line of many air column bags is not a straight line, but a discontinuous point, indicating that the mold is not pressed well in the production process, and these points are easy to leak air when used.

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How do you tell a bubble bag from a bubble bag?

As a popular and advanced cushioning packaging material, bubble bag has always been loved by the public.

Its environmental protection sex is good, convenient reclaim, save a space, it is the advantage that lets a person shine at the moment.

So in real life, how do we need to distinguish the quality of it?

First, we can check the external color of the air.

For bubble bags, the material is mostly a mixture of nylon and PEC, but also made of LEDP.

Bubble bags will not add any recycled materials or filler mother material, thick not thin, in the sun can be a light pearl shell color, look very comfortable.

If it turns yellow or brown, the bag is likely to contain recycled materials.

Secondly, you can feel the texture of the bubble bag with your hands. The high-quality bubble bag is smooth and delicate without any particle feeling.

And garbage film is not pure as a result of the composition of impurities, resulting in uneven hot melt, fine touch with your fingers will feel fine particles.

We can observe the workmanship of the bubble bags.

The bubble bag, often beautiful atmosphere, work carefully.

On the contrary, if the poor quality of the air cylinder bag for work is often poor, usually they will have side pressure, side pressure light, bottom seal on uneven, rough lines and other problems, even the existence of weak pressure lead to fast air leakage, slow air leakage and other serious problems.

Buffer the bubble bag to reduce the random shaking in the express box

In today's society where efficiency is Paramount, e-commerce, as the choice of shopping for most people, naturally follows the eternal theme of efficiency.

Therefore, when the quantity of express delivery increases, the e-business will not look for the appropriate outer packaging for each package, but basically use the same size carton to package the goods. As a result, the products cannot fill a box, leading to the shaking and collision of the products in the process of transportation, which eventually leads to damage.

Of course, in order to prevent the collision between the product and the packing box, in addition to replacing the appropriate size of the packing box, you can also use buffer bubble bags to fill the gap between the product and the packing box.

This prevents the product from moving around in an empty container, which can better protect the product from damage.

The existence of a buffer bubble bag, which fills a large amount of air into the plastic film, allows e-commerce enterprises to fill the empty space of the express box with fewer materials.

It not only reduces the cost loss of buffer packaging materials, but also has the incomparable characteristics of buffer bubble bags, which can better protect products and avoid the damage caused by violent sorting and express delivery.

Buffer bubble bags can be made at any time, which not only reduces the cost of materials, but also reduces the cost of storage, greatly improving the efficiency of packaging and making e-commerce enterprises no longer have a headache in this aspect.

Introduction and classification of bubble bags

Bubble film also known as air cushion film, air bead glue, bubble roll and so on, the use of low density polyethylene processing and become, is a kind of transparent flexible packaging materials widely used.

The principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that the product is protected by vibration, but also has the role of heat insulation, suitable for different products in all walks of life packaging or turnover!

Because the air cushion film intermediate layer fills the air, therefore the body is light, is full of the elasticity, has the sound insulation, the shockproof, the anti-wear-out performance, it waterproof, moistureproof, the anti-pressure.

There are two types of bubble bags: single-side and double-side. Single-side bubble bags are suitable for protecting light weight products, and double-side bubble bags have strong shockproof force and are suitable for packing large and heavy articles.

Single and double bubble bags are suitable for packaging of products in various industries, such as making bags and slicing.

Single-side and double-side bubble bags can be equipped with anti-static bubble bags, different colors and printing. It can also be compounded with other materials to increase protection and aesthetics.

Analysis and classification of bubble bags

Classification by different bubble bags。

Kraft paper bubble bag, pearl film bubble bag, aluminized platinum bubble bag, transparent bubble bag (two or three layers)

Classification by material:

Ordinary bubble bag, anti - static bubble bag, static conduction bubble bag.

Classification by structure:

Bare bubble bag, kraft bubble bag, other material bubble bag.

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