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Bubble film, is a high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, and then add whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, after about 230 degrees high temperature extrusion blister products.
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Bubble wrap

Bubble bag definition:

Bubble bag refers to the packaging bag made of bubble film.

Also known as Air cushion Film, Air Bubble Film, Bubble cloth, Bubble paper, Bubble Film, Bubble Film, Air cushion Film.

Bubble film, is a high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, and then add whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, after about 230 degrees high temperature extrusion blister products.

Since the invention of foam packaging, there have been a number of alternative products on the market that offer similar protection, with better effects and a wider range of protection.

Buffer bubble bag is such a very cost saving and perfect packaging requirements, it is usually used to protect packaging, filling and corner protection.

Gourd bubble is another form of buffer protection;

It has a variety of USES, can be used for small and large items, especially for the protection of ceramics, jewelry, electronic products and other fragile items.

Reasonable and compliant use of calabash bubble is an effective solution to save space.

Buffer bubble bag and calabash bubble, it can be said that the evolution of the bubble film, they have more excellent protection ability, but also with the changes in the protection, the evolution of more specifications, so that it can more fit the commercial.

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The role of cushion film

In daily life, the air cushion membrane is also called the air bead membrane, is a kind of special membrane cushion.

A film mass consisting of an air cushion.

From the use, the air cushion membrane is used to isolate noise, prevent vibration and other effects.

On the characteristic, it has avirulent, tasteless, moistureproof wait for a property.

So, now let small make up in detail for you to introduce it!

Air cushion film has a variety of properties, the most typical there are five, the first is the shock absorption, its performance can reduce the earthquake, so that people reach a safe range.

The second is impact resistance, the ability to withstand pressure, can withstand external pressure.

The third is the thermal bonding, with the heat effect.

The fourth is good transparency, which is the single most common feature.

There are many USES for air cushion film, the most commonly used there are three, one is the electronics, instruments and so on.

The other is used for ceramics, crafts, household appliances and so on.

The third is from the car shop, kitchen, furniture and other equipment.

This shows, the market of air cushion film is capacious, foreground sheng hao.

Now, you know what it does!

Renqiuyuna company is a professional production, sales of air cushion film, bubble film, bubble bag in one of the comprehensive plastic packaging enterprises.

The product transparency is high, anti - wear anti - vibration, complete specifications, can be customized according to customer requirements processing various types of air cushion film bag.

At present, plastic express bags made of polyethylene are widely used, which have the characteristics of low cost, convenient use and good waterproof performance.

In addition to customized express bags used by major express companies, there is also the online shopping industry now. In order to give customers a good image, improve the image, and play a role in publicity, many businesses also customize their own characteristics of express bags.

The express bag classification has the express glue bag, the express document seal, the express bubble bag, the express bone bag, the express knitting bag and so on.

1. Material of express plastic bags: low density polyethylene (LDPE) is usually referred to as PE, while high density polyethylene (HDPE) is usually referred to as PO. Express plastic bags have the advantages of low cost and light weight.

Differences between PE and PO in express plastic bags: PE has better transparency and softness, and the printing color is brighter;

PO has relatively good mechanical properties;

In China, PE is used as the main material for express bags, while in foreign countries, PE and PO are generally used as the main material for express bags.

There are two categories of polyethylene express bags in the market: one is brand new material express bags (such as sf express bags, fedex bags, zjicu etc.), and the other is recycled material express bags (such as the express bags used by small express companies like lianhaotong).

2. Material of express document sealing: white board with grey background, white board, cow board, mostly.

Express industry USES the paper of 200 grams/square metre to 450 grams/square metre weight commonly, express file is sealed have the advantage of level off, not easy fold bad than express glue bag.

3. Air bubble bag material: a kind of transparent flexible packaging bag filled with air in the middle layer of air cushion film.

Express bubble bag with shock absorption bubble film, bubble film there are countless small bubbles, so the body light, elastic, with good shock absorption, impact resistance, and non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

4. Material of express bone bag: bone bag (also known as compact bag, made of any bag, sealed bag, clamped chain bag and self-sealing bag) is made of polyethylene and high-pressure linear polyethylene through blowing film forming and heat-sealing mechanism bag, which is a kind of plastic bag that can be repeatedly sealed.

Bone bag can be used for all kinds of small items inside and outside packaging.

The ziplock bags made with food-grade raw materials can be used to store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood, etc.

5. Express woven bag: also known as snakeskin bag.

Is a kind of plastic, packaging, its raw materials are generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic raw materials.

The color of woven bag is generally white or off-white, non-toxic and tasteless, which is generally less harmful to human body. Although it is made of various chemical plastics, it is more environmentally friendly and has a larger recycling capacity.

It is mainly used for packaging and packaging of various articles, and is widely used in industry.

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