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The inflatable bag USES advanced production machinery and equipment, and the whole production line is automated
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Company introduction:

Three reasons to use inflatable bags:

1. The inflatable bag USES advanced production machinery and equipment, and the whole production line is automated;

The whole process of computer control, so that we can achieve inflatable bags easy production, easy to modify, fast and simple.

Since the introduction of the most advanced production equipment in the inflatable bag industry, we do not even need to develop more molds.

Thus in the mold modification, the installment, the debugging has saved the massive manpower material resources, and shortened the inflatable bag product production cycle.

The full realization inflatable bag high speed production.

2. The inflatable bag structure makes full use of PA/PE composite co-extrusion characteristics to develop the inflatable bag carrier with high extensibility and compressive resistance.

An inflatable bag developed into a plurality of air columns.

Not only the green packaging is recyclable, both reduce the cost of packaging, and greatly save the cost of packaging.

Since the appearance of inflatable bags, inflatable bags have gradually replaced the old cushioning packaging materials such as polystyrene, EPE, foam and pearl cotton in the cushioning packaging market.

3. After the air chamber of the inflatable bag is filled with air, full coverage protection can be implemented for the product.

Its buffering performance is better than any kind of buffering material

Company news

We just finished 125th canton fair, and HK gifts& premium fair. And get a lot of customer’s good feedback.

HK fair booth

Canton fair booth


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



About the use and classification of express bags

Express bag refers to the bag used by the express industry to pack documents, documents, materials and goods.

Also known as the Courier bag, mail bag, Courier bag

At present, plastic express bags made of polyethylene are widely used, which have the characteristics of low cost, convenient use and good waterproof performance.

The purpose of express bags is not only the use of customized express bags by major express companies, but also the current online shopping industry. In order to give customers a good image, improve the image, and play a role in publicity, many businesses also customize their own characteristics of express bags

Express bags can be divided into the following categories:

The express bag classification has the express glue bag, the express document seal, the express bubble bag, the express bone bag, the express knitting bag and so on.

1. Material of express plastic bags: low density polyethylene (LDPE) is usually referred to as PE, while high density polyethylene (HDPE) is usually referred to as PO. Express plastic bags have the advantages of low cost and light weight.

Differences between PE and PO in express plastic bags: PE has better transparency and softness, and the printing color is brighter;

PO has relatively good mechanical properties;

In China, PE is used as the main material for express bags, while in foreign countries, PE and PO are generally used as the main material for express bags.

Polyethylene express bag has two kinds on the market: one is brand new material express bag, the other is recycled material express bag

2. Material of express document sealing: white board with grey background, white board, cow board, mostly.

In the express industry, paper weighing from 200g/m2 to 450g/m2 is generally used. Compared with the plastic bag, the package of express documents has the advantages of being smooth and not easy to be broken.

3. Air bubble bag material: a kind of transparent flexible packaging bag filled with air in the middle layer of air cushion film.

Express bubble bag with shock absorption bubble film, bubble film there are countless small bubbles, so the body light, elastic, with good shock absorption, impact resistance, and non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

4. Material of express bone Bag: bone Bag (also called compact Bag, made of any Bag, sealed Bag, clamped chain Bag, self-sealing Bag, English: Ziplock Bag, Reclosable Bag, Zipper Closure Bag,Resealable Bag) is a kind of plastic Bag that can be repeatedly sealed by using LDPE and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE) through blowing film forming and heat-sealing mechanism.

Bone bag can be used for all kinds of small items inside and outside packaging.

The ziplock bags made with food-grade raw materials can be used to store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood, etc.

5. Express woven bag: also known as snakeskin bag.

Is a kind of plastic, packaging, its raw materials are generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic raw materials.

The color of woven bag is generally white or off-white, non-toxic and tasteless, which is generally less harmful to human body. Although it is made of various chemical plastics, it is more environmentally friendly and has a larger recycling capacity.

It is mainly used for packaging and packaging of various articles, and is widely used in industry.

Bubble bag: what should be paid attention to when choosing tape products

First, smell.

Tape net prompt you: regular manufacturers of qualified tape is no smell.

If you find a sour smell when buying tape, do not buy it.

Because this kind of tape is very poor in holding force, especially in the low temperature environment, the tape is easy to crack, will soon lose the glue, this kind of tape must be inferior products.

Second, see the film brightness, touch the film thickness.

Generally speaking, the color of inferior adhesive tape product can compare qualified adhesive tape dark a lot of, and the word that feels with the hand, general and inferior adhesive tape can compare hard, and because film is thicker, actual meter number can reduce for sure.

Good tape film is relatively soft, good tensile properties.

Therefore, the tape film brightness and thickness is very important two indicators, must be carefully observed.

Third, look at the color of the tape.

In general, the more white transparent tape appearance color, less tape impurities, in order to ensure normal adhesion, 100 meters below the tape products have a certain degree of transparency can see the paper tube.

And inferior adhesive tape can slant commonly yellow, the surface also is distributing irregular white dot, the impurity that can not wipe with the hand is pressed or the impression that glue does.

There is no doubt that the production process of poor quality tape must be very rough, so the color of tape will be yellow, there are impurities on the surface.

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