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Bubble film bubble bubble and bubble are essentially made of PE material, but the size of the bubble is not the same.
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1) What factors will affect the price?

A. Bag’s size B. Printing C. Material D. Workmanship E. Quantity

2) It is our first cooperation, how can you ensure your quality?

We can make pre-production sample for you for confirmation before the mass production freely. What’s more, your inspection or third inspection is acceptable before shipment.

3) How can we get a quote?

Please offer us the specification of the product, such as artworks, material, size, shape, color, etc. And e-mail us.

4) What kind of files do you accept for printing?

AI, PDF, EPS, TIF, High-resolution JPG.

5) What is your delivery port?

All ports in China.

6) What are your payment terms?

We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balanced before shipment.

Company news

We just finished 125th canton fair, and HK gifts& premium fair. And get a lot of customer’s good feedback.

HK fair booth

Canton fair booth


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Bubble film the difference between a bubble bubble and a vesicle

Bubble film is a kind of protective packaging material commonly used in today's packaging market, there are single-sided, double-sided, there are big bubbles, there are small bubbles, the style specification is varied, so what is the difference between bubble film bubble and bubble?

Bubble film bubble bubble and bubble are essentially made of PE material, but the size of the bubble is not the same.

The difference between a large bubble and a small bubble should be the difference in use.

Small bubble film is the traditional early some, the application range is very broad, but the traditional bubble film compression effect is worse.

And big bubble film is a packaging material that appears in recent years, big bubble film is favored by the majority of users with its neat appearance and super performance of protection and shock absorption.

Small bubble film is applicable to a wide range, small to the bottle can be used, to the furniture building materials can be used, but the small bubble compression bearing capacity is poor, usually need to wrap multiple layers as a protection, so that increases the cost of packaging products.

The appearance of the large bubble film, and the compression bearing capacity is strong, for cosmetics, digital electronics, arts and crafts, instruments and other small and medium-sized products are more suitable.

Large bubble film is not suitable for some small products because of its large volume. In addition, the width of large bubble film is 40-60cm, so it is not suitable for the packaging of furniture, building materials and other products.

Users can choose the type of packaging bubble film according to their own product specifications and characteristics. For better protection and better customer experience, choose large bubble film.

For low cost packaging, you can choose the traditional small bubble film.

How long will the inflatable bags last? Can they be reused?

Nowadays, air bag is a kind of packaging material commonly used in cushioning and protection packaging. There are many kinds of air bag, such as air bag for express delivery, air bag for empty space filling, air bag for wrapping bag, and air bag for large container.

How long will the inflatable bag last?

The airbags used in the delivery are usually disposable because they cannot be recycled if you send them to the customer.

After the inflatable bag is inflated, there will be a slow gas overflow process. When the internal and external pressure reaches a balance, the inflatable bag can usually be stored for more than 6 months.

Can inflatable bags be reused?

What can be reused is the container inflatable bag. In the case that the inflatable bag does not explode, the gas can be manually released and then inflated for use later.

Here to remind, the container inflatable bag before the second use to carefully check, to avoid the loss of goods caused by blasting in transit.

Fruit and vegetable transport cushion packaging bubble pad

Fruit and vegetable need long-distance transportation need to do a good job of preservation and buffer protection, many merchants only think of fruit and vegetable need preservation, but ignore the long-distance transportation is fruit and vegetable received collision, extrusion caused by surface damage will directly lead to fruit and vegetable rot, so need long-distance transportation fruit and vegetable need to do buffer packaging and preservation work.

Fruit and vegetable keep fresh everybody understands quite commonly, so what does its buffer protection need to use?

Buffer packaging materials now a variety of high and low cost, there are waste paper, bubble pad, bubble film, inflatable bag, poly dragon, pearl cotton, gas and so on, so which material is the best choice of fruit and vegetable transport buffer packaging?

Waste paper is too rough, and poor buffering performance, can not achieve the effect of protecting fruits and vegetables;

Polystyron and pearl cotton have good shock absorption effect, but slightly rough, easy to wear fruit and vegetable skin, and high cost of use.

Buffer bubble cushion is the most suitable for the fruit and vegetable transportation protection packaging materials, the surface is smooth, soft texture is capricious, and has a strong buffer protection effect, with how much filling how much will not waste packaging, is the fruit and vegetable transportation buffer packaging is the only choice.

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