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Air bubble bags are usually made of high quality polyethylene resin, which is the first choice of packaging supplies in the mainstream express industry and widely used.
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Air bubble bags are usually made of high quality polyethylene resin, which is the first choice of packaging supplies in the mainstream express industry and widely used.

Because bubble bag middle layer is full of air, so the body is light, endowed with elasticity, with sound insulation, shockproof and anti-wear function can replace the foam plastic particle filler and other protective supplies, for electronic goods, cosmetics, audio and video CD and other sellers of protective packaging preferred.

This article introduces how to use the inflatable bubble bag, hope to be helpful to you.

According to the experienced personage understands inflates the bubble bag inflates the way to divide into two kinds: one kind is the bubble bag itself has the valve, may use the air compressor to add inflates the gun to use together.

If you do not want to buy air compressor can also directly with the balloon that kind of pump to inflate, but the rate of inflation will be relatively slow;

The other is the bubble bag itself does not have a valve, you need to use the sealing bag making machine, is the side of the filling and sealing machine, the amount of this kind of recommended use, you can buy a small machine like this.

It is worth mentioning that the inflatable bubble bag belongs to the thin film product, once used improperly, it will affect the protection function of the bubble bag, resulting in accidental damage to the product, causing unnecessary losses to businesses and consumers.

The following is a summary of the experience of the use of inflatable bubble dia precautions, hope to cause everyone's attention:

Caution 1: do not expose to the sun.

General quality bubble bag manufacturers will remind you to avoid long-term exposure to the sun when using, to know the buffer bubble bag material is containing chemical substances, this material for a long time exposure to the sun, it will be slowly oxidized, gradually faded, and then become very thin, the ability to crush will be greatly weakened.

Note 2: do not fill too much gas.

Many users think that since the bubble bag is filled with gas, the more gas it is filled with, the stronger its buffering capacity will be.

The reliable bubble bag company is here to remind everyone that this idea is wrong, the bubble bag buffer capacity is the strongest time is related to its air volume, only to reach a certain amount of air, its buffer capacity to reach the highest, if filled with too much gas, then the phenomenon of explosion.

Note three: do not use in the transport of strong alkali

Even the best bubble bag, its scope of application is limited, especially in the transport of strong alkali, it is certain not to use the bubble bag, because the bubble bag chemical substances will react with it, will soon decompose the bubble bag material composition, so it will destroy its performance.

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