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A lot of customers who buy air column bag most encounter the problem is air column bag leakage, or air column bag is filled to explode, and then feedback to the manufacturer consultation is what problem!
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Use of bubble film

Bubble bags are divided into single-side and double-side, single-side bubble bags to protect their own light weight of the product packaging: double-side bubble bags shock resistance is strong, suitable to protect the larger area of the product to the bottle.

Single and double-sided bubble bags are suitable for packaging of products of various industries, such as making bags or slicing.

Single-side and double-side bubble bags can be used for anti-static bubble bags, as well as different colors and printing, and other composite materials can increase the protection and beauty.

Bubble bag classification, ordinary bubble bag, white bubble bag, red bubble bag (and other colors bubble bag) marked with color bubble bag contains anti-static, double bubble bag, big bubble, small bubble, composite bubble bag, aluminum coated bubble bag, transparent bubble bag, and other multiple bubble bag.


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



What are the causes of air leakage in air bags and air column bags?

A lot of customers who buy air column bag most encounter the problem is air column bag leakage, or air column bag is filled to explode, and then feedback to the manufacturer consultation is what problem!

Air bag manufacturer Wenzhou lianhai bag co., ltd. for you to list out the reasons for air bag leakage, hope to help customers!

1. The sealing edge of air column bag is not firm due to insufficient temperature of adjusting machine or mold during production, which will result in air leakage at the sealing edge position of air column bag after inflation.

(this is rare because the manufacturer has a record to eliminate defective products)

2. When packing the air column bag, the manufacturer damaged the air column bag due to touching the sharp articles.

(this phenomenon is also rare, because the staff know the characteristics of the air pocket, will be more attention!)

3. When the customer receives the air column bag, he accidentally touches the elite goods before inflation.

(please note that the customer has not formed the habit of protecting air pockets.)

1. The most common and the most common phenomenon is that when the air cylinder bag is inflated by the air compressor, the air compressor fails to adjust the air pressure and directly inflate it, which easily leads to the air cylinder bag being filled and exploded!

What is the thickness of the air pocket?

What thickness is good?

Everyone will shop around, and the air bag industry is no exception, so many customers will find price differences when comparing prices, and in the air bag industry the price difference will be greater!

Why is that?

There are many reasons for the price difference, but the main point is the difference in quality, that is, the air bag film thickness.

How many kinds of thickness does the air column bag have after all on the market now?

According to the investigation, the thickness of air cylinder bag in the market is as follows: 50 m, 60 m, 65 m, 70 m, 75 m, 100 m, etc.

100 m is rarely seen in the market, mainly used by some large listed companies!

And other thickness of the air column bag is used a lot, so what thickness of the air column bag is relatively the best?

Different products require different levels of protection, so the thickness used is not the same.

However, according to the patent for the air pockets, the air pockets tested were 75 m thick with 20% nylon content.

And as a result of the undesirable competition of market of gas column bag, the ply of a lot of manufacturer fell again fall, because this appeared, the ply in existing industry!

Do not discuss the air column bag of other ply first whether assure the safety of the product, but common sense says, ply is thicker, nylon content is higher, its quality is better more stable!

The so-called a penny for a penny, the greater the thickness of the air cylinder bag price is naturally relatively higher, many procurement in the consideration of cost will be the price of the first place, thus leading to the market cheap low quality air cylinder bag, which is also the product of vicious competition in the market!

However, customers with brand awareness will not choose low-quality air column bags, because in order to protect the brand image, the product will not cause losses due to the unstable quality of air column bags, so they will choose high-quality air column bags.

Which is the most suitable packing for fragile articles?

With the circulation of trade and the upgrading of products, there are many products from home and abroad on the market, and fragile packaging products are not a few.

Since the circulation of products requires long-distance transportation, how to protect fragile goods during transportation is a difficult problem!

What are the common packaging for fragile goods in the existing market?

In daily life, the packaging of fragile goods is generally polystyrene (foam), pearl cotton and air column bag, so what kind of packaging to choose for fragile goods?

Do a simple analysis from a few respects below!

Material cost: polystyrene and pearl cotton need to open molds according to the shape of fragile products, and the subsequent batch cost is moderate;

The use of air bags without mold, the cost of the former two have advantages.

Warehousing: polystyrene and pearl cotton belong to the molding packaging, which is formed and foamed according to the shape of fragile goods, covering a large area and having high storage cost pressure;

The air column bag is only a few pieces of A4 paper thickness when it is not inflated, so it takes up very little storage space and the storage cost is very low.

Logistics delivery: the transportation cost of polystyrene and pearl cotton is very high. Although the weight is small, it takes up a lot of space, and many trucks are needed to load a little quantity.

Since the air column bag is not inflated before use, only a small space is needed to transport the inflatable bag, which saves a lot of transportation cost.

Environmental protection: polystyrene and pearl cotton belong to "white pollution", which is difficult to be degraded and treated after use and produces toxic gas after combustion.

The air column bag has passed the SGS non-toxic certification, and conforms to the ROHS green environmental protection requirements of the eu.

Protective effect: polystyrene and pearl cotton will cause damage to fragile products after damage;

But the air column bag by many independent air column composition, even destroys the single air column also does not affect the protection effect, the protection performance is better!

It can be seen from the above comparison that no matter the cost control and protection performance is superior, the use of air bags for fragile products packaging is better. Under the precondition that the world pays more and more attention to environmental issues, the use of air bags is the future trend!

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