Shockproof Air Bubble Roll

The inflatable bag is very light in texture, which can protect the product without increasing the weight of the package. It can be said that it is the necessary packaging material for transport buffer protection.
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Company introduction:


1)   What factors will affect the price?

A. Bag’s size    B. Printing    C. Material   D. Workmanship    E. Quantity

2) It is our first cooperation, how can you ensure your quality?

We can make pre-production sample for you for confirmation before the mass production freely. What’s more, your inspection or third inspection is acceptable before shipment.

3) How can we get a quote?

Please offer us the specification of the product, such as artworks, material, size, shape, color, etc. And e-mail us.

4) How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers' benefit.

5)  Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

Our factory is located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, China, about 10 minutes from Cangnan

6) What are your payment terms?

We accept TT, 30% deposit and 70% balanced before shipment.

Bubble wrap

Cushioning air packaging is invaluable for companies that transport items because it forces the product to remain stationary during transport and fills the empty interior of the box or package to increase cushioning protection against shock damage.

Since the invention of foam packaging, there have been a number of alternative products on the market that offer similar protection, with better effects and a wider range of protection.

Buffer bubble bag is such a very cost saving and perfect packaging requirements, it is usually used to protect packaging, filling and corner protection.

Gourd bubble is another form of buffer protection;

It has a variety of USES, can be used for small and large items, especially for the protection of ceramics, jewelry, electronic products and other fragile items.

Reasonable and compliant use of calabash bubble is an effective solution to save space.

Buffer bubble bag and calabash bubble, it can be said that the evolution of the bubble film, they have more excellent protection ability, but also with the changes in the protection, the evolution of more specifications, so that it can more fit the commercial.

Company news

We just finished 125th canton fair, and HK gifts& premium fair. And get a lot of customer’s good feedback.

HK fair booth

Canton fair booth


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Red wine transportation package plan

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people begin to pay attention to the taste and taste of life. As a form of quality of life, red wine is favored by more and more people.

Many sources of wine are bought directly online, some are bought in brick-and-mortar stores, or relatives and friends give each other gifts.

Buy a problem to come on the net red wine how express delivery?

It's ok to buy wine in a physical store and take it home, but what about online?

After three or five days of express delivery to hand whether still intact?

Red wine is glass container received collision solvent broken, early many businesses choose foam packaging, foam packaging is characterized by relatively easy to fall off, occasionally will stick to the hands, clothes, fell on the ground is not easy to clean.

So wine in the process of transport in the buffer packaging should be what packaging materials!

Red wine transport packaging scheme, now there is a new type of buffer material called air column bag on the market, now the use of red wine air column bag is very common, air column bag cushion shock absorption performance is strong, high protection of the product, the use of air column bag packaging product breakage rate is very low.

This is now red wine merchants like to choose red wine air column bag as one of the reasons for transport protection packaging materials.

In addition, the material of the air column red wine bag is a film before it is inflated, the volume is very small, after it is inflated, it can be directly used without sealing, the packaging is simple and fast, and each air column can bear the weight of an adult.

Red wine with red wine air column bag packaging beautiful generous, can give customers a better shopping experience.

Bubble cushion packaging scheme for cosmetics transportation protection packaging

Bubble packing?

A lot of people say what is a good package?

A good packaging scheme is one that can protect the safe transportation of products, improve the aesthetics of products and save packaging costs.

The main function of bubble cushion is to cushion the shock and protect the safety of product transportation.

Packaging is divided into outer packaging and inner packaging. Outer packaging is usually packed in cartons for easy handling and stacking.

And the inner packing is to protect the product, anti-shock, anti-pressure to ensure the safety of the product transportation.

The cushioning and protection packaging of products requires cushioning and packaging materials, such as bubble film, bubble pad, air bag, styrofoam, pearl cotton, foaming and so on. But which material is suitable for the packaging of products?

Pearl cotton, styrofoam protection performance is good, but from beautiful degree, storage costs, bubble pad or superior, cushion packaging bubbles inflated before take up the space is little, inflatable after strong buffer shock absorption performance of its elasticity, good ductility, when transported to absorb the external impact and internal product between extrusion.

The cushioning bubble cushion is light in texture, clean in appearance, will not increase the logistics cost, and can enhance the market competitiveness of the product, suitable for a variety of product protection packaging.

Wenzhou lianhai bag inflatable bag advantages:

1.   Packing is convenient and fast, improving the packing and delivery speed.


2. Filling can also reduce shock and compression, reduce the rate of transportation cargo damage and reduce unnecessary losses.


3. It is convenient and simple to inflate, and the machine automatically seals the side and locks the air, so it does not take up storage space immediately.


4, good elasticity, with a strong recovery, clean appearance can keep the package clean and beautiful.

Air filled bag is a new type of environmental protection buffer packaging material developed and produced for the protection of logistics and transportation. It is widely used in logistics and e-commerce industries. With the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and good protection, the air filled bag made by wenzhou lianhai has rapidly gained favor among businesses and consumers in various industries.

Express air bags how to use, the reason will be express air bags, because the product will encounter in the process of transportation flow of external shocks and internal extrusion, easy to cause the product damage in transit, so need to buffer protection products and will need to use Courier air bags to prepare buffer packaging to ensure product safety transportation.

Buffer packaging should be completed according to the characteristics of commodity performance and the conditions of transportation and loading and unloading. The most direct buffer protection method is to fully wrap the product with an inflatable bag, and fill the inflatable bag between the product and the package to fully protect all parts of the commodity.

Wenzhou lianhai bag inflatable bag has good compression and shock resistance, strong ductility and is not easy to blow up, and the impact force of the outside world on the product is minimized by its stretching and stretching performance.

Express air bags have multiple specifications and shapes, can be selected according to the shape of the product characteristics, factors such as different shapes and specifications of the air bags, truly 360 ° all-round protection for each product.

The express delivery inflatable bag is a wonderful use. The express inflatable bag can not only be used for wrapping and matting the products, but also for filling the empty space in the packaging box.

The inflatable bag is very light in texture, which can protect the product without increasing the weight of the package. It can be said that it is the necessary packaging material for transport buffer protection.

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