Waterproof Cushion Film

As the bubble bag 99% from the air, is composed of air and thin film, in the film into the air, buffer protection effect.
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1) What factors will affect the price?

A. Bag’s size B. Printing C. Material D. Workmanship E. Quantity

2) Can I customize print or the bags’ size?

Yes, of course. Size and print can be customized.

3) How much about the transportation fee? Will I pay for it?

The transportation is different and you need to tell us the delivery place, weights, shipping way etc. And you need to bear with the transportation fee.

4) How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers' benefit.

5) What’s the field of the production?

This production can apply to lots of fields, Supermarket, home, packing, gift, promotion, advertising.etc.

Bubble wrap history

Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 by inventors Alfred Fielding and mark Chavez.

They first started working on bubble wrap as wallpaper with three-dimensional textures, but the invention didn't work and they later found it was more suitable for packaging - foam packaging became a trademark in 1960.

We've seen many cases of foam packaging over the years.

We see it as a cushion for a chair.

Or for creating brilliant art, bubble wrap bubbles in bubble wrap as pixels of dots, just like on a computer screen, working together to create an image in front of your eyes.

It is also often used as a pressure release; many people like to break the small bubble, to relieve their mental and physical stress.


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



How to pack the bubble bag? How to use the bubble bag

In the process of transportation, goods are often subject to a variety of impacts, such as the inertial impact when braking and the impact force of road turbulence. In order to ensure the safety of products in the process of transportation, buffer packaging must be done well. At this time, bubble bags are needed to do buffer protection packaging.

How do I use the bubble bag?

Bubble bag as a kind of buffer packaging material, has a good shock resistance, light texture, the product can play a good buffer protection.

As the bubble bag 99% from the air, is composed of air and thin film, in the film into the air, buffer protection effect.

The other 1% of the film material is also non-toxic and harmless, can be recycled, reduce packaging pollution.

Bubble bag packaging is simple and convenient, whether it is matting or wrapping the package is very easy to use, with how much tear how much, also can be directly in the packaging line to use air, improve work efficiency.

The buffer bubble bag has a diameter of less than 20cm under the film rolling state, which can save huge storage space for enterprises.

So many advantages, so that it is favored by the majority of industries, widely used in various industries in the buffer packaging.

How does bubble bag prevent shock when product is being transported

The transportation environment of products is usually harsh, and factors such as turbulence, vibration and collision will lead to the damage of products. In these cases, if products are not well cushioned and protected, they will undoubtedly bring significant economic losses to enterprises. So how can we solve this problem?

Bubble bag is used to cushion the packaging auxiliary materials, bubble bag can reduce the product damage caused by the vibration phenomenon, is the shock buffer packaging need to use buffer packaging materials.

Other common buffer packaging materials are foam plastic, honeycomb cardboard, bubble pad, air bag, air column, foam and other buffer materials.

As a new type of environmental protection cushioning packaging material, the bubble bag has the advantages of good cushioning performance and vibration absorption, light texture, good protection performance, wide range of use, etc., and is suitable for the transportation protection packaging of all kinds of products.

The inflatable bubble bag can absorb the energy of vibration or impact after wrapping the goods, and fill the empty space in the box with the bubble bag to avoid excessive shaking of the goods during transportation.

The bubble bag can absorb the impact force and protect the package effectively.

Transport protective packaging bubble bags

Bubble bag is currently the most widely used packaging material for express delivery, logistics and e-commerce. It is made of high quality PE and is shock-proof and pressure-proof. After the air is filled in the middle layer of the bubble bag, it has an extremely strong shock-absorbing performance and a good buffering and protection effect.

As an excellent cushioning packaging material, the inflatable bubble bag has a very good cushioning protection effect no matter it is pasted or wrapped. It is simple and convenient to pack, and it can be torn as much as possible to improve the packaging efficiency.

Advantages of air bubble bag:

1. Do not occupy storage and transportation space, and reduce enterprise storage and transportation costs.

2. Convenient and efficient packaging operation can improve packaging efficiency and delivery speed for enterprises.

3. The bubble cushion has superior cushioning effect and can withstand the pressure of 60kg or above.

4, buffer bubble bag clean and neat, beautiful and generous, personalized logo customized printing, help enterprises to improve the image. What is the function of shockproof packaging design?

What is the function of shockproof packaging design?

Shockproof packaging is mainly to protect the transport safety of products, which will use inflatable bags, bubble pads, pearl cotton, foam packaging, suspension fastening packaging and other buffering protective packaging materials.

The function of shockproof packaging design is to design the most reasonable and safe protective packaging scheme according to the characteristics of required protective products.

Shockproof packaging design has different design schemes due to different materials, such as pearl cotton need to open the mold according to the product, to make suitable abrasion tools, used for transport shockproof packaging.

The inflatable bag is designed according to the shape, size and fragile point of the product.

Field foaming packaging has a better is not limited by the size of the product shape, can be directly foaming molding, no need to open the mold to achieve full protection of the product.

It is the best choice for many industries such as arts and crafts, porcelain, instruments and meters.

Suspension fastening packaging is the suspension and fixation of the product in the middle of the film through two frames with film, which protects the product from collision and provides continuous protection for fragile products.

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