Milk Bottle Cooler

Milk bottle cooler
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Milk bottle cooler

Solves the problem of finding the right spot for your baby’s bottle. Fully-insulated bottle carriers made for bottles of all sizes, whether 8 oz. standard size, angled bottles, wide, or extra tall. Fits two newborn bottles. Even sippy cups and soda cans fit in this carrier!
Snap handle on top allows you to carry the bottle tote or easily clip to your stroller or diaper bag. Tired of lost pacifiers or dirty pacifiers? Bonus pacifier pouch stashes two pacifiers with the same convenience.
The carriers aren’t just for bottles. Snacks or other items you want to carry along can be stored in these insulated, just-the-right sized bags. Sturdy zippers keep everything secure. Silver lined interiors wipe clean.
Dimensions: Bottle bag is 3.15 x 3.15 x 9.06 inches.


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