Anti-fog Face Shield

Anti-fog face shield
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Anti-fog face shield

Product Name:Anti-fog face shield
Brand:Can be Customized
Surface TreatmentGlossy/matte lamination, UV coating, Varnishing coating etc
Sample:Free charge1-5 days for shipping
Shipping:Express: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, SF (3-10 DAYS)By Sea/air: FCL, LCL

Advantages of Anti-fog face shield

For the sake of safety, many restaurants began to adopt hygiene measures to reassure customers. Masks are one of them. Masks can at least block invisible bacteria, saliva and so on, more or less give "nervous" diners some comfort. However, masks also have their own problems. In today's "smile service" era, a piece of non-woven fabric directly covers half of the face and only shows the eyes. Even if the smile is like a flower, it is hard to avoid discomfort. [1]

In the restaurant after using transparent masks, the waiters still smile all over their faces and greet them up and down. But if you take a closer look, they all have a transparent half moon shaped plastic sheet on their faces. This transparent sheet, instead of the traditional white mask, is on their faces. And his biggest advantage is that the service staff can smile and communicate better with the guests.

In fact, it's not just the catering industry. Transparent masks can also be applied to hospitals, supermarkets, beauty services and so on, so that service personnel can smile more and make contact more healthy



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