Air cylinder bag range

- May 08, 2019-

Inflatable bags can be used in a wide range of applications, as long as they are related to the packaging, and the products that need to be transported can be used with air column bags. It is a substitute for epe, eps, paper and plastic, low cost and environmental protection, and good cushioning performance. The main summary is as follows:

First, the packaging of electronic products

In the 21st century, electronic products are everywhere. People can say that there is no electronic product. It is really a bit too boring. But electronic products are too fragile and can easily break down. For example, the display screen, the touch screen is broken, etc. In this case, changing a component is something that many people will choose. At this time, the use of the air column inflatable bag can ensure that these fragile products are not damaged by transportation. In addition, TVs, camcorders, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also be packaged in air bags.

Second, the protection of crafts

Fragile-fired products, such as glass, lenticular mirrors, pottery, porcelain, etc., vary widely in price, and this air-column inflatable bag for buffering during transportation reduces losses. Of course, if it is applied to archaeology, the transportation of antiquities can be said to reduce a lot of risks.

Third, the protection of precision instruments

For precision instruments or expensive products, the most important thing, such as piano and medical equipment, is the accuracy. Collisions and bumps can have a great impact on their quality. It can be said that the appearance of air column inflatable bags has greatly improved this situation, because the performance of the airbag itself is resistant to pressure and impact.

Fourth, the protection of explosive products

Because many chemical products react with air and are flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safety, the use of inflatable bags can block oxygen, which greatly improves the situation.

5. Protection against products with poor impact resistance

For example, chemical fiber products, floor tiles, building materials, lighting equipment, etc. all have more effective protection. To put it bluntly, as long as there is a package, you can use the air column inflatable bag.

6. Wooden furniture, iron furniture, lighting equipment, fiber, chemical products, medicines, floor tiles, steel plates, boilers, building materials, etc.