Airbag principle

- May 27, 2019-

Airbags are mainly composed of sensors, microprocessors, gas generators and airbags. The sensor and the microprocessor are used to determine the degree of collision, transmit and transmit signals; the gas generator generates an ignition action according to the signal indication, ignites the solid fuel and generates gas to inflate the airbag, so that the airbag rapidly expands, and the airbag capacity is about (50-90)L. . At the same time, the airbag is provided with a safety valve, and when the inflation is excessive or the pressure inside the bladder exceeds a certain value, part of the gas is automatically released to avoid crushing the passenger. Most of the gases used in airbags are nitrogen or carbon monoxide.

In addition to the airbags on the driver's side, some passenger cars are equipped with airbags for passengers (ie, dual airbags). The passengers use the same as those used by motorists, but the airbags are larger in size and required. There are more gases. In addition, some cars have side airbags mounted on the side of the seat on the side of the door.