Bubble column bag introduction

- May 04, 2019-

Fully encapsulated air column cushioning to minimize product loss. Air bag, which adopts LLDPE and NYLON lamination or co-extrusion method, has anti-stretching and equalization characteristics, and has good surface printing property. It belongs to medical grade substrate and forms a gas-tight inflatable column through continuous pressing. The protective film is made into a gas column protection bag called Air-Bag. Using physical principles, one-time inflation, full-row full, automatic air lock, forming a submersible cabin, encountering damage, only the damaged single air column partially fails, the remaining air column is completely unaffected, and the protection effect is still maintained. Provides long-term storage and non-leakage seismic protection, and buffer protection of air-column comprehensive coating to minimize damage. AIR-BAG gas bags comply with ROHS regulations, no pollution in production, use or placement under any circumstances