How to solve the problem of the broken thread of woven bag

- Jul 04, 2020-

How to solve the problem of the broken thread of woven bag

In fact, when the woven bag thread is in the shape of the head, is a kind of obvious shear phenomenon, just like a sharp scissors will be neatly cut off the seam, woven bag manufacturers how to solve this problem?

In needle with suture whereabouts pierced when sewing the material, through the presser foot first, and then the needle plate to form a loop, a certain distance lows and lead components, this time whether it is due to the bending machine needle, presser foot, needle plate, such as hook position is not correct, or shape of parts size is not standard, etc., can trigger trim the work of the bolt failure.

Usually, the sewing thread always goes through the thread hole in the direction of the long groove of the needle, and goes out in the direction of the arc groove.

The arc groove makes the suture form the thread bubble with the aid of its curve potential, which creates conditions for the smooth interweaving of the bottom line.

When the lead parts are too close to the needle, and when the wire is cut from the needle hole, the thread will be broken neatly, although this possibility is small, it is also important to pay attention to.

About the sewing method of color printing bag

The color printing bag factory USES the ingenious craft method, carries on the packaging beautification decoration design for the packing commodity, in the design process must pay attention to which factor can cause the color printing woven bag to be brighter.

And the sewing method used when processing the color printing bag, is very simple, but also will be different, one is the use of industrial sewing machine to sewing, this method is relatively large, but the number of needles is moderate, will not appear the needle is too large or too small and wire phenomenon.

Another kind of method is the method that civilian sewing machine will undertake sewing, this kind of needle is apart from quite small, won't appear easy damage.

In the use of these two methods, as long as the correct operation, can be very good sewing.

The suture strength index is an important index of bag-making, and the main factors affecting the suture strength are the type and type of suture, stitch size, stitch, the size of rolled or folded suture to bag edge, the way of hot and cold cutting, etc. The coating process of woven bag

In order to avoid defects, the manufacturers of woven bags need to strictly control each link during coating processing.

Before winding the cloth as far as possible in the middle of the cots, and before the woven bag roll into the car, the end of the silicone roller coated with silicone oil.

Don't forget to put the adhesive tape on the collet.

After the cloth is connected, align the cloth edge with the rectifying photoelectric eye and then lift the clamping roller.

When new cloth is connected, there is a change in the width of the cloth. It is necessary to observe the cloth edge and adjust the die edge.

Slow speed before cloth connection;

After the cloth is connected, close the airsickness machine before the double-layer connector enters the corona.

Before winding the cloth, first confirm the length and length of the end face of the cloth and the core iron pipe;

After the cloth, observe the cloth roll position, as far as possible near the middle of the cots.

If the deviation in the middle too much, should be timely down turn.

And in the process of coating, for reasons of the car, to timely close the airsickness, preheating and cooling water valve roller, coating material into the mixer before the first clean the dust on the packaging bag.

The mixing process should keep the paint clean to avoid dust entering the hopper.