How to use Wenzhou non-woven bag environmental protection bag to truly play an environmental protection role

- May 16, 2020-

How to use Wenzhou non-woven bag environmental protection bag to truly play an environmental protection role

    Recently, we have conducted a market survey on the use of our company's products for environmentally friendly shopping in a business district with a relatively large flow of people in Wenzhou. We have a general understanding of the environmental awareness of people who are now out for leisure shopping and the environmental protection of businesses.

    Maybe many people do n’t know yet. In fact, non-woven bags are also a kind of plastic products, but compared with plastic bags, they are easy to degrade and are relatively environmentally friendly. At the same time, the large amount of use has a certain impact. We also randomly interviewed several citizens, Sister Zhang: It ’s a pity to throw away the disposable garbage bags

    "There are at least ten non-woven environmental protection bags in the house. They are basically sent by the merchant when they buy things. When they are dirty, they are thrown away as garbage bags. The environmental protection bags can be quickly decomposed." This is also a lot of consumers. There are cases where this is done. At the Bagua Ling Wal-Mart cashier, a consumer named Liu said that he would often carry environmentally friendly shopping bags for products purchased by supermarkets, and supermarkets also have their own environmentally friendly bags for consumers to purchase for a fee. This also makes us feel that both businesses and consumers have taken their own actions to protect the environment. In the interview, more than half of the respondents indicated that there were more than 10 environmentally friendly shopping bags in their homes.

    As for whether non-woven shopping bags are environmentally friendly, consumers are mostly "checked". Some consumers said that as long as they can hold things, they can be used for free. Even more consumers, because they have too many environmental protection bags in their homes, have even turned environmental protection bags into "disposable items."

    Non-woven bag environmental protection bag If consumers do not reuse non-woven bag, it will still bring a great burden to the environment. "There are no completely environmentally friendly products in the world, and there are more or less side effects. A non-woven shopping bag is reused more than 10 times. After being discarded, the environmental pollution is only 10% of the plastic bag. This is the effect of environmental protection. Before finding new and better alternatives, consumers should have the consciousness of repeated use, and truly make an environmentally friendly bag play an environmentally friendly role, which is also our purpose of promoting the use of environmentally friendly bags.

    Consult relevant experts: degradation takes years

    "The main material of non-woven shopping bags is polypropylene. Compared to plastic bags made of polyethylene, it is relatively easy to degrade, but it is relatively environmentally friendly. Non-woven bags are still plastic chemical products." According to the thickness, A non-woven bag of the same size consumes more resources than plastic bags, and as long as it is a chemical product, it will cause pollution. "

    In the process of manufacturing non-woven bags, because various shopping malls and enterprises like to print the brand logo on the bag for publicity, the printing and dyeing process may cause pollution. "Especially in some small factories, in order to reduce costs, unqualified printing and dyeing pigments may be used, causing greater pollution." The process of discarding will cause secondary pollution. The industry can also be self-disciplined from the perspective of environmental protection, with rewards and penalties, starting from the source.