Recycling and utilization of non-woven cloth bags

- Aug 08, 2019-

Recycling and utilization of non-woven cloth bags

Non-woven bags will be broken after repeated use so that the use of the function, then we should consider how we should dispose of these waste non-woven bags.

Non-woven bag is a recyclable product, non-woven bag non-woven material on plastic polypropylene.

Polypropylene is widely used in daily life.

Polypropylene is a recyclable material, our waste non-woven bags should be discarded in the recyclable bin.

These non-woven bags are sold after processing, also can produce recycled polypropylene plastic particles.

These recycled particles can be used to make plastic bags, buckets, basins, toys, stationery and other plastic products.

In the clothing industry can also manufacture ties, buttons, zippers and so on.

In the construction industry, it can also be used to manufacture various building components, building tools, plastic doors and Windows, and plaster buckets.

In agriculture, it can also be used to make agricultural film, agricultural machinery and tools, fertilizer packaging bags, cement packaging bags and so on.

In the mechanical industry can also be used to manufacture machine parts, various forms of bearings, gears, cams, different wheels, sealing rings, all kinds of blades, all kinds of pump impeller.

It is also used in chemical applications such as reaction axes, pipes, containers, pumps and valves.

Real environmental protection products are not only made of raw materials, but also do not pollute the environment in the process of use. After the environmental protection bags are discarded, they will not pollute the environment, and they can be reused. Only when they meet the above requirements can they be considered as environmental protection products.

Non-woven bag is an environmental protection product, in order to better protect the environment, we should be more serious knowledge of non-woven bag use and reuse.

Recycling is also one of our low-carbon and environment-friendly lifestyles.