The family decorates the choice advantage of nonwoven cloth wallpaper to introduce

- Jul 01, 2019-

1, non-woven wallpaper environmental protection is good non-woven wallpaper raw materials are used natural materials, such as fiber, silk and so on, they are free of chemical composition, compared to PVC wallpaper, its environmental protection is better.

A, if it is in A closed space, non-woven wallpaper can diffuse air through ventilation, in the use of household paste will not appear bubbles, warping edge and layering.

B. Because the wall is damp, we cannot see it on the surface. Some materials of wall paper are airtight.

Breathable wallpaper can be breathable naturally dry, of course, there will be no mildew.

C, the use of varnish after a few days, the wallpaper on the wall how much there will be some harmful gas did not volatilize.

Some materials wallpaper will not breathe, its evaporation time will be longer;

Breathe freely the wallpaper on the wall volatilizes can be much faster.

D, the permeability of wallpaper is beneficial to the bedroom's human health, will not produce the feeling of suffocating.

3, paste firm, long life non-woven wallpaper paste more firm, non-professionals are difficult to tear off, its service life is very long.

Nonwoven materials, because the structure is relatively loose, organic solvents can penetrate into the material, formaldehyde and other compounds volatile process is relatively slow.

For many manufacturers, especially large brands, this solvent ink is rarely used, even if there is, will increase links in the production process, so that in the production process to complete VOC emissions.

In wallpaper exhibition, personalized wallpaper are plunged into people's eyes, such as cartoon, background, character of Chinese painting, landscape pastoral wind everywhere, the popular European Damascus pattern from the past, the court wind, more personalized design become the choice of producers, stimulate people's consumption demand.

The use of color is also more bold.