The washing method of cotton

- Sep 21, 2020-

The washing method of cotton cloth

Washing method

1. Usually washing can be done by hand or by machine, using alkaline detergent.

2. Washing temperature depends on the color of cotton cloth, usually the best water temperature is 40 ~ 50℃, bright color or dark products water temperature should not be too high, washing time should not be too long, so as to avoid fading.

White unspotted cotton cloth can be boiled and washed.

Cotton products with sweat stains are not easy to wash at high temperatures to prevent the proteins in sweat stains from solidifying and sticking to the fibers, resulting in yellow spots.

3. If there are paint stains on cotton goods, wipe them with kerosene or turpentine until the stains are removed, then wash them.

4. Dry cotton products in a ventilated and cool place. Do not insolate in the sun.

5. When ironing, spray appropriate amount of wet, easy to iron.