These 6 points of custom PP non-woven packaging bags are very important!

- Dec 23, 2019-

First: The size of the non-woven packaging bag must be critical, and the general size, since it is customized, must be determined according to the characteristics of the company's product or brand. This can be considered tailor-made.

Second: The choice of non-woven packaging bag style is also a core factor related to the popularity of non-woven packaging bags. Of course, the style must be divided into two. On the one hand, it is the shape of the bag, that is, whether it is a vest bag style or a handbag style, and on the other hand, it is a horizontal style or a vertical style.

Third: The printing content of non-woven packaging bags is also the top priority in non-woven packaging bags. Printing is the core focus of determining the value of non-woven packaging bags, so how to make a good-looking non-woven packaging bag, the design is very important.

Fourth: Non-woven packaging bags are divided into two types: ordinary non-woven fabric and film-coated non-woven fabric. It usually depends on how the customer chooses. This is also the core factor for tailor-made non-woven bags.

Fifth: To determine the price of a non-woven packaging bag, quantity is also a particularly important factor. As a non-woven packaging bag, the unit price is relatively cheap. In order to make a profit, non-woven packaging bag manufacturers must make a profit by volume. Therefore, the larger the quantity, the more advantageous the price.

Sixth: whether the bag is used for commercial promotion or loading.