Types of polyester coating

- Jul 27, 2020-

The current types of coating finish are as follows

PA coating

Also known as AC adhesive coating, namely acrylic coating, is the most common coating

After can increase the hand feeling, windproof, have hang feeling.

PU coating

After coating, the fabric feels full and elastic, and the surface has film feeling.

Antifouling coating

It refers to the anti down coating, which can prevent down running after coating, and is suitable for making down jacket fabric. But now in the coating where there is water pressure requirements of PA coating is also called anti fluff coating.

PA white glue coating

That is, coating a layer of white acrylic resin on the surface of the fabric can increase the covering rate of the cloth surface, prevent color transmission and make the cloth surface more bright.

Pu white glue coating

That is to say, a layer of white polyurethane resin is coated on the surface of the fabric, and its effect is basically the same as that of PA white glue, but the Pu white glue has a fuller hand feeling, more elastic fabric and better fastness.

PA silver glue coating

In other words, the surface of the fabric is coated with a layer of silver white glue, so that the fabric has the function of shading and radiation protection. It is generally used for curtains, tents and clothing.

Pu silver adhesive coating

Its basic function is the same as that of PA silver glue coating. However, Pu silver coated fabric has better elasticity and better fastness. For tents and other fabrics requiring high water pressure, Pu silver coated fabric is better than PA silver coated fabric.

Pearlescent coating

Through the pearlescent coating on the fabric surface, the fabric surface has pearly luster, silver white and color. The clothes are very beautiful. There are also PA pearls and Pu pearls. Pu pearls are smoother and brighter than PA pearls, and have a better film feeling, and have the reputation of "pearl skin film".

Flame retardant coating

Flame retardant coating adhesive is used to coat the surface of ordinary fabric or all cotton flame retardant fabric to achieve certain flame retardant effect and waterproof effect. This kind of coating flame retardant fabric is widely used in tents and car clothes.