What meaning of N95, KN95, FFP3, KF94 mask

- Apr 16, 2020-

What meaning of N95, KN95, FFP3, KF94 mask


-The letter KN stands for Chinese standard, that is, made in China. If the number ends with V, it means the respirator valve.

The number 95 is the protection level. The filtration efficiency of the mask filter material on particulate matter reaches 95%. The higher the number is, the higher the level is.

-Next, we introduce the commonly used N95 mask, the letter N stands for the American standard, the number 95 is the protection level, mask filter material to particulate filtration efficiency of 95%.

"N" also means oil resistance, mainly for the filtration of non-oily particles, such as dust, acid fog, paint fog, microorganisms, etc.

-FFP3 mask, the letter FFP represents the European standard, letter 3 is the protection level, the European standard mask is divided into FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, FFP2 mask is equivalent to N95, FFP3 protection level is higher.

-The KF94 mask, with the letter KF for Korean standard and the letter 94 for protection level, is not intended for medical use and is slightly less effective than the KN95 mask.

-Many masks bear the name 3M, which is both the company's name and a registered trademark.

3M masks are divided into surgical masks, particulate protective masks, comfortable and thermal masks.