What should be paid attention to in order supermarket shopping bags

- Sep 28, 2020-

First, the choice of plastic bag manufacturers, in the choice of the supermarket shopping bag production custom manufacturers, we must choose the regular, safe, the relevant qualification of sound production custom manufacturers.

Because ordinary manufacturers may not have better protection in terms of environmental protection and safety, so that users can not get better safety protection when using supermarket shopping bags.

Second, supermarket shopping bags of material selection and size problem, in general, at present there are two main types of commonly used materials, plastic bags is a kind of polyethylene, is a kind of non-woven fabric, the difference between these two materials has essential properties, polyethylene plastic material is qualitative, non-woven fabric environmental protection, durable, so, in terms of material selection, we can use proper collocation, only in this way, to make shopping bags to better serve the consumers.

About the size of shopping bags, usually by the medium and small, specific can consult the plastic bag manufacturer.

Third, the supermarket shopping bag size of the choice, plastic bags have the size of the division, in the choice of custom must grasp the size of plastic bags, because once the fixed can not be changed.