Which side of bubble film outwards is more shockproof do you know

- Jul 04, 2019-

Which side of bubble film outwards is more shockproof do you know

Bubble film is mainly used for the packaging of products, online shopping friends should know that in order to prevent damage to the products mailed from the shop, often use bubble film for packaging.

So which side of bubble film is more shockproof?

In this case, the bubbles of the bubble film are exposed to the plane of the box, and the smooth surface inside is in contact with the mail object.

Because if the bubble is facing inward, the shock may cause the object's stress point to contact the box directly from the bubble gap and easily break (there is no buffer point).

And if the bubble to the outside, is equivalent to the formation of a dense shock absorption layer with the outside plane, collision collision occurs when the internal objects are only the stress in the bubble bubble inside the surface, the force will be distributed to many bubbles common transfer force.

So the use of bubble film packaging products store to pay attention to, in order to reduce the transport caused by product damage to the customer's trouble, packaging should pay attention to the bubble film bubble outward contact with the plane of the box, so that shockproof performance will be better.