Beautiful Eco-friendly Bag Will Be Popular

- May 07, 2019-

The United States was hit by heat waves, the temperature rose to 50 ° C, hot to eggs can be cooked; Argentina for the first time in 80 years, snow, even the grandmother said the first time; Antarctic iceberg disappeared, emperor penguins homeless, later It's hard to find a healthy and fat polar bear to shoot cola ads. Everyone realized that the earth is really sick! Everyone is trying to fix it. After the former US Vice President Al Gore took a picture of "The Unwilling to Face the Truth", everyone seems to have thoroughly learned the truth. The world has been ringing for the sake of environmental protection. The British designer Anya Hindmarch's green bag. Sell people to step on people!

Since the London Fashion Week in February 2008, the cover of the T-stage and various fashion magazines has frequently appeared in this kind of cotton shopping bags, and many performing fashion stars are also carrying them.

At the autumn and winter fashion show of French designer Christian Lacroix, a naked woman took the slogan “I would rather be naked than animal fur” and took the stage to protest against the use of animal fur for fashion.

Flowing into the fashion world. It seems that Hermès also launched an eco-friendly shopping bag made of silk and calfskin that can be folded into a wallet size. Another British designer, Stella McCartney, also launched a foldable canvas shopping bag, but the price is too high. being widely used.

Non-woven bag experts, promote environmental protection through business models, and let environmental protection take a sustainable path.