Environmental Shopping Bag Making Requirements

- May 02, 2019-

General dry goods

It is recommended to use waste or European waste in the United States to control the production of base paper according to the technical specifications of A or B grade kraftliner. The surface layer can be noodles or no noodles, which is based on

Don't print complicated patterns and advertisements. The weight of the paper sheet can be 135~150 g/m2. The weight of the 25×20×15cm paper bag can reach 8~15 kg.

Need to withstand certain moisture

You can also use full waste paper. Only on the basis of the above criteria, a certain wet strength agent is added 0.5~1.0%, and the wet strength is 10~15% dry strength.

Meat or other wet goods

It is also possible to manufacture shopping bags from whole waste paper. This requires the addition or surface coating of an environmentally friendly oil repellent during the papermaking process. It is also possible to spray a water-soluble or degradable resin twice on a kraft liner board having a good surface strength.

Waste paper reinforced paper

Many manufacturers in mainland China have developed full waste paper reinforced paper. That is to say, in the papermaking, the two-layer slurry is combined with the textile principle to add water-soluble yarn, and the one layer of the paper can reach the strength of the four-layer kraft paper, and can completely replace the ordinary cement bag paper. Similarly, a single layer of paper can be used on a shopping bag.