How Do Students Wear Masks When They Return To School?

- May 29, 2020-

How do students wear masks when they return to school?

In principle, students in low-risk areas do not need to wear masks. Students and teachers may not wear masks in class on the basis of ventilation and disinfection and keeping a safe distance.

Students in low-risk areas are not allowed to wear masks or N95 masks for sports activities when they are in school; students are encouraged to wear masks when they are in other places in school, and they must wear masks when they go to and from school.

Teachers should wear masks when they do not teach class hours (when they are in close contact with people after class or in the office and other densely populated places), when they are on duty, when they are cleaning and when they are working in the canteen.

If a student has a cold, he must wear a mask; if other students, teachers, parents, etc. are very close to him, it is also recommended to wear a mask.

How to put off the mask when you are outdoors or eating out?

If the purchased mask is equipped with an independent sealed packaging bag, it is very convenient to carry it with you. When not in use, put the mask in. If the mask is dirty or needs to be replaced, it can be discarded with the mask.

If the mask is not packed separately, it is recommended to store it in a dry and clean paper box or bag, such as a clean envelope.

When dining out, if you don't have a proper mask storage tool at hand, you can lay a clean tissue inside the removed mask, then fold it in half and wrap it with another tissue, so as to isolate the bacteria to a certain extent. At the end of the meal, throw away the tissue and reuse it.

Caution: never mix used and clean masks to avoid cross infection.