Japanese Students Began To Resume Classes One After Another.

- Jun 03, 2020-

The spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in the world not only poses a great threat to people's life safety, but also makes the spirit of ordinary people highly tense. In addition, the economy has also been severely hit. However, the students who are most affected by the virus epidemic are students from schools. So far, students from schools in many countries have not resumed classes. According to the latest media reports, many schools in Japan have started to restart classes one after another recently. In order to prevent the centralized outbreak of the virus in schools, many schools in Japan have taken some alternative measures, but the effect of this prevention and control measures should be very significant.

Other schools in Japan have also taken more personalized measures to prevent and control the epidemic. In another school in Fugang County, each student issued a transparent mask at the beginning of school. This transparent mask can effectively prevent the spread of droplets. Many netizens feel like our daily helmets after seeing this mask. We have to say that this design is still Very novel, not only can effectively protect the health of students, but also can prevent the spread of new coronavirus in large-scale population. This kind of transparent mask will be disinfected by the school after school, and students will take back their transparent mask in class. It seems that many schools in Japan have begun to resume normal classes one after another, and the school authorities have tried to ensure the physical and mental health of students through various means, hoping that the new coronavirus epidemic can end as soon as possible, so that students can return to normal classes!