Non-woven Handbag Use

- May 18, 2019-

Non-woven bags: Once used as a member of the “Reducing Plastic Bags Alliance”, the government has issued a “non-plastic bag” non-woven bag in the use of reduced plastic bags to the relevant government departments. Rapid popularization, but the use of the situation found a lot of problems:

1. Many companies have printed a pattern on the non-woven bag to reduce the cost of the ink on the human body. The environmental protection bag printing has been discussed in other topics.

2. The large amount of non-woven bags makes the number of non-woven bags in the home faster than the plastic bags. It is a waste of resources.

3. Non-woven fabric is not environmentally friendly because it is the same as the plastic bag. Polypropylene and polyethylene are difficult to degrade. The reason why it is promoted is that it is environmentally friendly because of its thickness ratio.

The non-woven bag is strong in toughness and can be reused repeatedly. It is suitable for companies that are not very strong and want to promote environmental protection. Instead of the old plastic bags and paper bags, it is also very practical to distribute freely at exhibitions and events. Of course, the effect is directly proportional to the style and quality of your own production. If it is too bad, be careful to use it as a garbage bag.