The Price Of Non-woven Fabrics Ushered In The Second Round Of Skyrocketing

- Apr 25, 2020-

The price of non-woven fabrics ushered in the second round of skyrocketing

"We can't buy non-woven fabrics. We only have a few days in stock." A domestic wet towel manufacturer disclosed that due to the lack of raw materials, some of their production lines have been in a semi-stop state. If they can't buy any more raw materials, they can only shut down the whole plant.

More than 3 p.m. in the wet towel factory, we saw that one of its production lines had been suspended. Previously, the line operated 24 hours a day.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the price of non-woven fabric continued to rise, the melt blown cloth increased by more than 20 times in two months, the highest spunbond cloth increased by more than 10 times, the hot air cloth also increased by eight times

Demand soars, non-woven fabric prices soar 29 times in one month

Nonwovens, also known as nonwovens, are composed of directional or random fibers. Because of their appearance and some properties, they are called cloth. There are many production processes for their manufacture, including spunbond, melt blown and Spunlaced processes.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the demand for respirators and other anti epidemic products has increased greatly. As the core of respirators, the melt blown non-woven fabric that intercepts bacteria and droplets first ushers in a price surge. Before the epidemic, the price of melt blown nonwovens was about 20000 yuan per ton. In February 2020, the price soared to 80000 / ton. In March, the price of melt blown nonwovens exceeded 500000 / ton, a 29 fold increase. In April, affected by the outbreak of the international epidemic, melt blown non-woven fabrics ushered in the second round of surge.

Because the inner and outer layers of the mask need spunbond nonwovens, the price of spunbond nonwovens is also going up all the way, and there are orders from businesses to 2 months later.

On April 21, a call was made to Yunnan Nanyu non-woven fabric manufacturing Co., Ltd. the staff of the company said that the market changed and the price rose. Currently, the price of spunbond non-woven fabric for masks is 80000 yuan / ton.

Not only is the price going up, but also we can't get the goods. Reporters call Shandong, Guangzhou, Zhejiang a number of non-woven manufacturers, most manufacturers reply: "do masks with non-woven fabrics no goods!"

Chongqing Zhongtuo nonwovens Co., Ltd. produced nonwovens that can be used to make masks. The company said it had not received the order for several days, and the current order for spunbond nonwovens was scheduled for May.

The manufacturers of diapers and wipes are affected, and some businesses are facing shutdown

The lack of non-woven fabric supply also affects the wet and wet towel enterprises.

"I can't buy it." A diaper manufacturer in Hebei estimated that "about half of the diaper factories in the industry have stopped production or are about to stop production."

At the end of March, the price of spunlaced nonwovens began to rise.

"At the end of March, there were more than 10000 tons of spunlace nonwovens, but now there are more than 30000 tons of spunlace nonwovens, which can't be bought." The person in charge of a wet towel factory in China said that they have cooperated with non-woven fabric manufacturers for many years, and have never met the situation of full payment purchase and delivery failure before.

Today, the daily sales order of the wet towel factory is still very large, but there is a shortage of fabric materials, and some production lines have been in a semi-stop state. The wipers said they would have to stop production in May if they could no longer sell non-woven fabrics.

It is understood that there is not the same kind of non-woven fabric material for diapers and wipes as for masks. Why is this kind of non-woven fabric in short supply?

According to the insiders, the SMS non-woven fabric used for diapers belongs to the composite non-woven fabric, which is hot-rolled from the three-layer fiber mesh of spunbond non-woven fabric + melt blown non-woven fabric + spunbond non-woven fabric. The thin SMS products are suitable for sanitary napkins, diapers, etc., while the medium thickness SMS products can be used for the production of disposable protective clothing, etc.

In addition, due to the slight transformation of the non-woven fabric production equipment, the non-woven fabric materials for masks can be produced, and some enterprises have changed production, which further leads to the shortage of non-woven fabric materials for diapers.

"Conversion may also affect spunlaced nonwovens." According to man Rongrong, an analyst at the business club, the price of spunbond and melt blown non-woven fabrics needed for masks is higher, and non-woven manufacturers can also produce the materials needed for masks by transforming their production lines.

Zhejiang Tiantai Yongzhu filter cloth Co., Ltd. disclosed that many local enterprises of Spunlaced non-woven fabric were converted to produce the non-woven fabric needed for masks.

Diapers, wipes fear price increases? Some parents have begun to stock up

Does the rising price and shortage of diapers and wipes mean the rising price?

"Diapers don't get as much discount as they used to." Miss Qin, the consumer, said that the discount for her deer Dingding diaper l was usually 199 minus 50 before, and 125 minus 25 last week. It seems that there is no discount today. "Fortunately, I bought several large cases of diapers before." She said.

In Miss Qin's mother group, there has been a call from Baoma to store diapers for a long time. One Baoma said, "we've read the news for a long time that the price of diaper materials has increased, and we've already started to prepare."

Recently, a visit to the market found that the current market diaper brand did not rise in price. However, some brands of diapers are out of stock in some supermarkets of Wuli store. "It's sold out for the time being. It should be filled up recently." Supermarket staff revealed.

Chongqing Yonghui supermarket said that the price of wipes and diapers has not increased, and there is a certain inventory.

As for whether the price will rise in the future, Yonghui supermarket said, "suppliers need to make decisions based on market evaluation."

"At present, everyone has stock, but when the stock is sold out, the price may rise." A large mom and baby chain, which asked not to be named, said.