What Are The Principles For Wearing And Removing Masks?

- Jun 01, 2020-

What are the principles for wearing and removing masks?

When you are outdoors or in the park, it is recommended that you take the disposable medical mask or medical surgical mask with you. When you are in contact with people, you should keep a safe social distance of more than 1 meter without wearing a mask.

That is to say, the weather is fine. When you go out, you should take a mask with you. If you go to the square or park, there are not so many people, and the people are scattered, you can take off the mask. But if you want to go to a small pavilion or go to the bathroom and the ventilation is not particularly good, the mask should be put on.

Which people must wear masks?

Masks must be worn in specific groups and places. Cleaners, canteens, property and other staff, contact more people, more miscellaneous items, personal protection should be done at work, wear work clothes, work caps, gloves, according to the risk level of the workplace, choose to wear appropriate masks.

The staff in the window of each administrative service hall, the service staff in places such as shopping malls and banks, and the service staff in places such as public transport, restaurants, canteens, hotels, import and export of units and communities, and the front desk of enterprises need to wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks due to their more contact with various personnel.

Those who go to the hospital for treatment, visit or accompany must wear disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks.

Some special groups of people, such as medical personnel, especially those engaged in invasive diagnosis and treatment, need higher protection level, which is not as simple as wearing masks, but also wearing respiratory protective devices.