What Is The Water-repellent Non-woven Fabric?

- Oct 31, 2019-

What is the water-repellent non-woven fabric? What is the use of water-repellent nonwovens? A material such as water-repellent non-woven fabric is not unfamiliar in our life. Generally speaking, the application range of water-repellent non-woven fabric is as follows: melt-blown non-woven fabric: purification filtration, environmentally friendly oil absorption, water absorption wiping, Warm insulation and other industries. Spunbond non-woven fabrics: packaging and footwear, leather fabrics, luggage, shoe coverings, agricultural coverings and other packaging protection industries. Water-repellent non-woven application range: Heat-sealable non-woven fabrics: surgical clothing caps, bed curtains and other medical and protective industries. Glued laminated non-woven fabric: paint, chemical, dust protection, especially for building coated substrates, can achieve waterproof, breathable, thermal insulation effect. At the same time, more important point is the composite SMS, SMMS, SPES heat-bonding non-woven fabric, SMSF SFS SF gluing laminated non-woven fabric, weight range 38~200GSM, effective 16002400mm..SMS composite non-woven fabric It consists of 2 layers of spunbond fabric S and a layer of meltblown cloth M. The SFS composite nonwoven fabric is composed of a two-layer S spunbonded nonwoven fabric and a layer of F gas permeable film. The SPES composite nonwoven fabric is composed of a 2-layer S spunbonded nonwoven fabric and a PE film.