What's The Difference Between Laminated Nonwoven Bag And Non-woven Bag Offset Printing?

- Jul 06, 2020-

What's the difference between laminated nonwoven bag and non-woven bag offset printing?

Film coated non-woven bag, the product adopts tape casting method, composite firmly, in the process of composite, soft handle, no plastic feeling, no skin irritation, suitable for disposable medical sheet, bed sheet, operating clothes, isolation clothing, protective clothing, shoe cover, and other health protection products; the bag made of this cloth is called coated non-woven bag.

Traditional screen printing for non-woven bag printing a variety of colors, not only the printing cost is relatively high, but also has the problem of inaccurate color. Now many customers hope that their product effect is better when designing a non-woven bag. Generally, they will use a variety of printing colors. There are a variety of printing methods for non-woven bag color printing. Now we will briefly introduce it The difference between non-woven film covered bag and non-woven offset printing.

The pattern printed on non-woven fabric plastic bag is higher than offset printing in pixel, and can realize color gradient effect, so the pattern is more clear and beautiful. Non woven bag offset printing can also print color patterns, which is a great progress compared with flexographic printing. However, as with flexographic printing, there will be a problem that the printing ink is relatively shallow. Generally, light cloth is used to print dark patterns, and the effect is best