Which Groups Use More Nonwoven Bags?

- Jul 09, 2020-

Which groups use more nonwoven bags?

With the gradual fading out of traditional plastic bags, the market of non-woven bags is growing. Many people abandon plastic bags and choose non-woven bags. What are the main groups among these people?

In fact, some researchers have investigated this problem before. They found that housewives and highly educated intellectuals are the two largest groups using non-woven bags.

Housewives often go to the supermarket or vegetable market to buy food with plastic bags. You know, plastic bags now have to pay extra, so they usually take non-woven bags. There are also some intellectuals who are better educated, have better personal qualities and environmental awareness, and are binding.

For the non-woven bag factory, we should design non-woven bag products for specific consumer groups, whether in terms of style or color, to cater to their hobbies, so that the products may sell better.