Why Do So Many Nonwoven Bags In Wenzhou

- Jul 10, 2020-

Why do so many nonwoven bags in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province?

Now, more and more enterprises are making non-woven bags, especially in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. There are countless large and small non-woven bag factories. Among them, there are many export enterprises, and the trade volume is very large, and the annual output is several million. The characteristics of these high-quality enterprises are the same, taking the enterprise itself as the main body, market-oriented, combining production and research, and adhering to the system of technological innovation.

Although some non-woven bag factories operate well, they still need to increase investment in research and development, promote technology and equipment innovation, and focus on the development and application of common technology and key technology that can break through the bottleneck of industrial technology. We should establish a scientific and reasonable talent management system, improve the incentive and use mechanism of talents, and improve the quality of human resources in the industry. Efforts should be made to form a number of leading products with high technology content, high added value and large market share. Otherwise, in the fierce market competition, if there is no attractive product to maintain, the business will certainly go from bad to worse.

On the whole, Zhejiang's non-woven bag factory enterprises are still quite competitive, which is related to their own high-quality products, and also has a certain connection with the geographical distribution of the coastal areas