Why Environmental Non-woven Bag Will Disappear Automatically?

- Jul 05, 2020-

Why environmental non-woven bag will "disappear automatically"?

The non-woven bag is hung on the balcony. It will disappear after 3 months.

You may think that this only appears in Liu Qian's magic. In fact, it lives right next to you and me. Its name is "degradable environmental protection bag".

Since the national plastic limit, these fashionable environmental non-woven bags have become the new favorite of the public.

In order to achieve environmental protection effect, the magic environmental protection bag also has a special ability, which is "automatically disappear".

"As long as it is exposed to the sun and drenched in the rain, it will disappear after three months, so as to achieve environmental protection effect." The introduction of exhibitors makes many people feel the "magic effect" brought by environmental protection.