Disposable Face Mask

Disposable face mask FOB:$0.175 MOQ:20 feet container 500000pcs/each week Loose packing CE certificate
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Disposable face mask

Material: non woven, 3ply 

FOB:Ningbo,shanghai, all ports in China


500000pcs/each week

Loose packing,50pcs/box or polybag,2000pcs/ctn

CE certificate

Now we can produce medical use masks, pls email us if you needed. 

A folded, protective surgical masks are generally made of circular cone is our common N95 respirator, must achieve GB19083 national standard requirement, there are two most important technical index is 0.3 microns in diameter not oily tiny particles of filtering effect of 95% or more, bigger diameter 2 micron bacteria barrier must be reached 100%, of course, also have high demands to the penetration resistance of blood, its permeability is also have asked, this is often used in severe infectious resources situation, qualified N95 respirator is usually is the following structure:

1-25-35g water-repellent polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric, this layer of material is mainly used to block droplets;

2-30-40 grams of water-resistant, hot-air, non-woven fabric. This layer mainly provides support, so that the cone mask will not collapse when tightened with the face.

3-50-60 g band in extremely masterbatch and in high voltage processing in melt-blown cloth, this is the most core part, only in a lot of charge on the pole melt-blown fabric after processing to also take charge of 0.3 micron non-oily small particulate matter has efficient adsorption effect, usually requires more than 95%, this is only a professional instrument to test, some manufacturers also use two layers of 25 to 28 grams in highly processed melt-blown fabric to reach 50-60 grams in extremely melt-blown fabric effect!

4- hydrophilic spinning adhesive non-woven fabric close to the face, this layer mainly has a certain effect of moisture absorption, to avoid too much fog!

Due to the low production capacity of N95 mask equipment, there are only 40-50 pieces per minute in general. Recently, melt-spraying cloth is also in urgent shortage, especially the electret master particle with super insulation, which is heavily dependent on import. Therefore, it is recommended to leave it to the first-line medical staff and staff to use!

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