PET Cooler Bags

Because PET material plays an important role in variable information printing, it belongs to thin film printing, which is quite different from paper materials in printing process.
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PET Cooler Bags

ItemPET Cooler bag
SizeCustom cm as your needs.
Material(Laminated)Non woven/PP woven/Polyester+aluminum foil,Or as your requirement.
PrintingSilk screen printing/Heat transfer printing/Heat sublimation printing,etc.
HandleBasic tote handle/Shoulder strap/Backpack,etc.
ClosureZipper/Velcro usually.Accept custom closure based on your needs.
Sample time7-10 days
FeatureWaterproof, heavy duty, adjustable, foldable, removable, insulated.
Delivery portNingbo, Shanghai,all ports in China
ColorBlack,blue,custom color printing as you like.

Company introduction:



1) What thicknesses of material can you do?

Normally: 140/150/160/170 grams

2) How many pieces you could produce one day?

We can produce 100,000pieces/day.

3) What is printing technology?

Silk-screen, heat transfer or sublimation printing according to design

4Could you provide samples? How could I get the samples? Do they need cost? Will I pay for the shipping fee?

Yes, we could provide samples, but we will charge sample fee, and mold cost if needed.

And you also need pay for the shipping fee.

5) Will your factory arrange inspection for all products?

All of our final products will arrange the inspection as we think that quality is the most important thing for goods.

6) How much do I need to order? (What are the minimum order estimates?)

Our MOQ is 1000pcs, if the qty is lower than this, the unit cost will be much higher.

7) What sizes can you do?

We accept customized size.

What is PET material?

Common polyester fabric: common polyester (POLY), its chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), its tensile breaking strength and tensile breaking elongation are higher than cotton fiber, has good heat resistance and thermal stability.

Because of its many excellent properties, whether in clothing, home textile, decoration, industrial supplies are widely used, its rapid development, high yield, known as the "crown of chemical fiber."


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Notes on the printing and processing of PET materials

Because PET material plays an important role in variable information printing, it belongs to thin film printing, which is quite different from paper materials in printing process.

Material properties.

PET film is a plastic film material with medium and low surface energy. It needs surface pretreatment before printing to improve the surface removal energy or wetting ability. Otherwise, the fastness of ink and ribbon is not good and it is easy to fall off.

(2) basic method of surface pretreatment.

A. Corona treatment.

The surface energy of the material is increased by means of high voltage discharge.

There are two methods of material pretreatment by the supplier and on-line processing on the printing press.

The surface tension of the treated film should be above 38dyn.

And just to be clear.

No matter how much current corona is used in some PET materials, the surface tension value cannot be increased all the time, so in fact, there are not many manufacturers that use corona method for surface treatment, because the quality is not stable, finally the ribbon cannot be printed.

B. Surface coating.

On the surface of the material pre-coated with a friendly ink coating, in order to improve the wetting ability of the ink, increase the ink firmness.

This process is generally carried out by the material supplier, printing plant can be directly printed, the final customer can be directly printed ribbon.

This treatment method is the most ideal, common and stable method for PET materials.

The printing method.

A. printing and film covering method.

Using xitong offset printing ink, immediately after printing coated matt PET or BOPP film die-cutting, there is no ink drying problem.

This kind of processing has no requirement for the surface properties of materials. PET or BOPP on matte surface can be used for ribbon printing.

This method is a commonly used one.

But the cost is high, large label coated after easy to appear label bending phenomenon.

B. Printing and glazing.

Using UV ink, on - line printing on the rotary label machine, UV gloss on varnish.

Glazing process can be used as a whole or local glazing, printing parts reserved.

This method is also a method commonly used by customers.

C.u-v printing.

Printing with UV ink.

No need to film or glazing, printing parts reserved.

D. Printing drying method.

Using special oxidative polymerization special ink for quick drying, after printing through hot air drying, and finally rewinding.

E. natural dryness method.

This kind of label is usually used for manual labeling, so the processing method is used after the drum printing cut.

After printing the label, cut to put on the shelf to dry naturally.

Similarly, the ink used for special oxidation polymerization special ink.

(4) quality assurance.

A. The material surface must be pretreated and up to standard.

B. The use of matching special ink, glazing oil and ribbon should be tested in advance.

C. Control the thickness of the ink layer and dry it thoroughly. Pay attention to the overprint part of the ink to prevent the bottom layer from drying.

(5) die cutting processing.

A. The use of small Angle die - cutting blade, recommended 42 degrees Angle.

B. Hard die cutting blade with alloy material.

C. Keep the edge sharp.

D. Be sure not to use die - cutting paper die - cutting knife die - cutting film materials again.

E. Use a hard liner, pay attention to the flatness, otherwise prone to die cutting quality problems.

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