PET Shopping Bags

PET is a long chain (the long chain of molecules is shown by the number of basic units), white or bluish-white thermoplastic plastic, made from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol polycondensation.
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PET Shopping Bags

 Size (Cm) 32*32cm
 Weight (G) 110g/120g/130g/140g
 Material PP Woven.PP non woven,RPET,PET
 Printing CMYK Printing or customer's requirement
 Delivery Samples: 7-10 days     Mass production 25-40 days


 Feature          Can be printed your own logo.
 Advantage Any thickness can be made ,from 110-160 gsm.
 AZO free, Low Cadmuim,have SVHC TEST REPORT and PRO65 REPORT.
 All kinds of samples are welcomed and will be transmitted immediately.
 Thoes unique designed tote bags are truly groovy bags for any occasion.
They are 100% recyclable, Ecofriendly, hand washable, durable and large


Company introduction:

Why choose us?
1) OEM & ODM service are acceptable.
2) We have import & export right.

3) ISO 9001:2008, BSCI, GSV, COC, and ICS certificate.
4) Daily Production Capacity --1000000pcs bags
5) Prompt reply within 12 Hours


1) What is the material of your products? Can I get some samples?
A: The material is non-woven fabrics, non-woven lamination fabrics, cotton, canvas, nylon or film glossy/matt lamination or others. We are honored to offer you samples.

2) What is printing technology?

Silk-screen, heat transfer or sublimation printing according to design

3) It is our first cooperation, how can you ensure your quality?

A6: We can make pre-production sample for you for confirmation before the mass production freely. What’s more, your inspection or third inspection is acceptable before shipment.

4) Will your factory arrange inspection for all products?

All of our final products will arrange the inspection as we think that quality is the most important thing for goods.


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Basic knowledge of PET(resin)

PET, also known as PETE, is a polyester material that can be used for wire drawing, injection molding and bottle blowing.

Depending on the requirements, special grade resins can have different applications.

PET is a long chain (the long chain of molecules is shown by the number of basic units), white or bluish-white thermoplastic plastic, made from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol polycondensation.

Each of these raw material particles supplied by resin manufacturers was about 0.05g, and in the 1950s PET was an important textile material.

Good mechanical strength, temperature and abrasion resistance make PET an ideal material to replace the naturally produced silk, cotton and wool.

PET also has good barrier, low water absorption and good toughness.

The tensile strength of PET film is similar to that of aluminum sheet, and is 3 times higher than that of PA and PC film.

PET film is transparent. If qualitatively stretched, its tensile strength can reach 1/3 to 1/2 of that of steel sheet.

It is the most ductile thermoplastic film.

It burns intensely with a yellow flame when it has an open fire, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire.

Bottle grade PET

Today, PET is still widely used in these areas, but since the 1970s, when a lightweight, non-breakable bottle was needed to pack aerated drinks, PET has become the go-to choice.

Unlike simple polymers such as PE, PET is made not by a single process, but by the chemical reactions of pure terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

In the past, the supply of PET was designated as the first practical use, which led to new production capacity being put into production this year to ensure the increasing demand of PET in the future.

Related polyester are PEN(polyethylene naphthalate) and PBT(polybutylene terephthalate).

The performance of PEN exceeds that of PET, especially in terms of barrier performance and heat resistance.

Since PEN and PET are used to mix and make a range of alloys, some special packaging applications are possible.

As a kind of transparent, wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant plastic, PET(bottle grade) has high strength and smoothness. PET bottles are widely used to package mineral water, fruit, edible oil, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and so on.

1, melting temperature: 254-256 ℃

2. Crystallization: 45%

PET products with or without crystallization can be manufactured by controlling crystallization temperature and cooling rate.

The higher the viscosity, the slower the crystallization rate.

Crystallization and orientation of crystallization are the key factors affecting PET bottle forming and properties.

If the sweat of PET number is high, it will hydrolyze during the molding process, and the viscosity will drop, which means that the product quality is affected.

3. Carboxyl terminal group: 20mol/t

4. Acetaldehyde: 3ppm(excluding production, related to drying and molding temperature)

Carbonated beverage bottles must be 9ppm;

Mineral water bottles need less than or equal to 4ppm

5. Density: 1.38 ~ 1.40g/mm3

6, the glass transition temperature: 82 ℃

In bottle manufacturing, the chain length of PET is usually used to describe the viscosity of the resin.

Bottles have a viscosity of 0.65 to 0.85dl/g, or 100 to 150 repeating units per chain.

Most PET bottles are copolymers, and some of the trimmings are part of the polymer chain.

Copolymers are easier to inject because crystallization properties have been improved.

An unusual change occurs when an injection-molded PET is stretched to the right length at the right temperature.

In this suitable process, PET bottles become transparent, resistant to internal pressure, with uniform wall thickness, toughness and many other properties.

In order to get these good properties, it is necessary to select the right grade of resin, the right semi-finished product, bottle design and good finishing experience.

Some grades of PET have been modified to improve bottle barrier properties, heat resistance (two-step system) or to reduce acetaldehyde (AA) production.

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