Polyester Shopping Bags

Knitted polyester fabric is divided into grade a, grade b, grade c and grade a according to its quality. From the point of view of fabric, the quality of knitted polyester fabric is better than other grade products.
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Polyester Shopping Bags

Color8 Colors/Custom
PrintingSilk printing,heat transfer printing
AdvantageFactory price;High quality;Fast delivery time;Low MOQ;Good after sales service
Sample time3-7 days
PackingFlat packing,each piece in a poly bag
Production timeAbout 25 days normally for 2000pcs
ShippingExpress/By sea/By air
PaymentT/T,Trade Assurance,Negotiable

Company introduction:



1) Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Zhejiang Longgang town which is famous as printing and gift capital.

2) Price: How can I get a good price?

Price related to the different size, thickness, whether print or not... etc, please send us your request about the product you need so that we would calculated price for you.

3) Can I customize print or the bags’ size?

Yes, of course. Size and print can be customized.

4) How many pieces in one carton?

Usually, we put 100pcs/carton, or according to your request.

5) What types of printing do you do?

Full color and spot color rotogravure printing with the capability of holographic, gradient, metallic, matte/glossy/combo finishes, and more. If you can think it up, give us the chance to try and do it!

What is polyester?

What is polyester?

Polyester is one of the most important synthetic fibers and is the trade name of polyester fiber in China.

It is based on the pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or terephthalic acid dimethyl ester (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw materials through esterification or ester exchange and condensation reaction of the fiber - polyethylene terephthalate (PET), after spinning and post-processing made of fiber

What properties does polyester have?

1) High intensity.

2) Good elasticity.

3) Good heat resistance.

4) Good water absorption.

5) Good wear resistance.

Wear resistance is second only to the wear resistance of the best nylon, better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

6) Good light resistance.

Light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber.

7) Corrosion resistance.

It is resistant to bleach, oxidant, hydrocarbon, ketone, petroleum products and inorganic acid.

Resistant to dilute alkali, not afraid of mold, but hot alkali can make it decompose.

8) Poor dyeing property.


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Knitted polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric.

This kind of fabrics should be selected from the following aspects.

See the fabric.

Knitted polyester fabrics are warp knitted fabrics and weft knitted fabrics.

Although both have been heat set or resin treatment, but its extensibility and other properties are still different.

Therefore, different styles of clothing choose and buy different performance of fabric jacket should choose and buy weft woven fabric is appropriate, because weft woven strong often a variety of color yarn weaving or a variety of medicine jacquard texture, a variety of designs and colors, especially suitable for different styles of exquisite women's coat;

Under clothing, such as pants, skirts should choose warp - knitted fabrics.

Warp knitted polyester fabric is suitable for trousers and skirts because of its crisp appearance, tight structure, good abrasion resistance, less pilling, pilling and crochet, and its fullness, elasticity and appearance are worse than weft knitted fabric.

1. Look at the level.

Knitted polyester fabric is divided into grade a, grade b, grade c and grade a according to its quality.

From the point of view of fabric, the quality of knitted polyester fabric is better than other grade products.

2. Look at the appearance.

The appearance of the fabric is closely related to its texture.

Therefore, in the selection of knitwear, but also carefully observe the organization is the basic organization or change organization, the gap between the coil, is lax or tight, feel is soft or rough;

The burnish of the fabric, colour, design how, when pulling a fabric with both hands, see its lengthways or transverse flexibility and extensibility how, whether to change easily etc., anyhow, should observe its fabrics whether accord with the basic requirement that undertakes to do garment design, achieve the effect that fabric exterior and dress design are consistent and harmonious.

Look at the defect.

There are many defects on the appearance of knitted polyester fabric.

Such as leakage needle holes, missing wire, hook wire, broken head, wire tension and serious weft skew, etc.

Lighter defects, such as oil color silk, thick and thin silk, patchwork silk, knot head knot scar, color flower, color difference, rolled edge, bad edge, reflective and so on.

Although the cloth with mild defects can be worn, it affects the level of the fabric. In a word, when choosing knitted polyester fabric, the fewer the defects on the fabric, the better.

In addition, if consumers choose to knit polyester coat, but also to observe the quality of sewing.

Whether the thread is strong, whether the stitching is fine, whether the needle hole is too large, etc., generally speaking, it is better to use no. 11 needle when sewing knitted polyester garment, because the needle is too thick, which will easily damage the coil and cause needle holes, affecting the quality of knitted polyester garment. Development of polyester

Polyester is the world's largest production, the most widely used synthetic fiber varieties, polyester accounted for more than 60% of the world's synthetic fiber output.

It is widely used in garments, bedding, various decorative fabrics, special fabrics for national defense and military industries and other industrial fiber products, such as filter materials, insulation materials, tire cord, conveyor belt and so on.

With the continuous rapid growth of domestic economy and the continuous improvement of domestic residents' consumption capacity, the domestic demand for polyester staple fiber is also growing.

The production capacity of China's polyester series products is growing at an alarming rate. With the rapid growth of polyester fiber production capacity, China is gradually developing into an important processing base for the world's polyester products.

In recent years, with the continuous rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of domestic residents' consumption capacity, the domestic demand for polyester fiber is also growing.

China's polyester fiber production capacity is growing at an alarming rate, making China gradually develop into an important processing base of polyester products in the world and become the country with the largest output of polyester fiber in the world.

From 2001 to 2007, the market size of China's polyester fiber industry increased year by year, from 57.362 billion yuan in 2001 to 236.414 billion yuan in 2007, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 10.00%.

Polyester fiber is the chemical fiber variety with the largest processing amount among all textile fibers. It is of great importance to develop differentiated varieties, increase the added value of products, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

Product differentiation is the development direction of polyester, and China's polyester fiber manufacturers are also developing in this direction.

Therefore, the polyester industry has great potential for development.

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