Silk Printing Non Woven Wine Bags

Silk Printing Non Woven Wine Bags

Competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery, fast turnaround and best service. 4) AZO free, the best material and handicraft, making the printing durable even washed by hand.
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Silk Printing Non Woven Wine Bags

Material:non woven or PP woven with lamination, customized
Size:according to your requirement
Color:gold, blue, red, silver,customized color
Printing:offset. silk screen, heat transfer, full color printing etc..
Price:Depends on the QTY and process requirements
Usage:Shopping, promotion, gift packing etc..
Advantagesample date:normally 5-7days

professional standards

high quality products

competitive price

Good after service


- Recyclable



-Quick sample time

-Free blank sample

Company introduction:


1) Quick sample time and delivery time.

2) Reusable,recyclable and degradable materials.

3) Competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery, fast turnaround and best service. 4) AZO free, the best material and handicraft, making the printing durable even washed by hand.


1) What certificate you have in your factory?

We have ISO9001,BSCI, GSV, COC, and ICS

2) How many workers in your factory

We have 200-300workers.

3) Can I add my logo on the tote bottle bags?

Yes sure.

4) What’s the field of the tote wine bags?

This production can apply to lots of fields, Supermarket, home, packing, gift, promotion, advertising.etc.

Material Advantage

Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin and easily damaged in order to save cost. But in order to make him stronger, it will inevitably cost more. The appearance of non-woven shopping bags solves all the problems. Non-woven shopping bags have strong toughness and are not easy to wear and tear. There are many plastic-coated non-woven shopping bags, which are not only strong, but also waterproof, feel good and beautiful. Although the individual cost is a little higher than that of plastic bags, the service life of a non-woven shopping bag can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.




Non woven material

Non woven fabric is a kind of porous material, especially the bottom membrane with spun-bonded non-woven composite punched non-woven, easy because the amount of glue or composite pressure is too big lead to seep, disposable hygiene products with hot melt glue (HotMeltAdhesive, or HMA is given priority to with thermoplastic polymer Adhesive, coating under the molten state, wetting glued objects, applying light pressure after cooling hardening can rapid bonding type of material, usually in the form of hot melt pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HotMeltPressure Sensitive Adhesive, HMPSA).

Disposable sanitary products, also known as disposable absorbent products, include sanitary napkins, toilet paper, pads, spandex (rubber), diapers, paper diapers, plastic PE film mattress, pet pad, etc.

According to relevant statistics, China now has 2 million paralyzed and semi-paralyzed patients, 78 million infants under 2 years old, 120 million elderly people over 60 years old, and 350 million school-age women.

It is likely to increase over the long term, and their demand for disposable sanitary products is endless.

Nonwovens used in the application of disposable sanitary products are hot air nonwovens, hot rolled nonwovens, spunbond - melt spray - spunbond (SMS) nonwovens, spunbond (SS) nonwovens, chemical bonding nonwovens.

Hot-rolled nonwoven, hot-air nonwoven, hydrophilic spunbonded nonwoven are usually used for coating or wrapping materials;

Spunbond - melt spray - spunbond (SMS) non-woven fabric is used for leak-proof separation to block urine;

Thick denier fiber hot air nonwovens and chemically bonded nonwovens are used for conducting layer.

Hydrophobic spunbonded nonwovens are used for base film lamination.

Therefore, the application of non-woven cloth in the health industry has no organic solvents, coating speed is fast, can improve the safety of health supplies, comfort, which is also the reason that non-woven cloth has been widely used in the disposable health supplies industry.

2.3 application of non-woven fabrics in the clothing industry

First of all, the application of non-woven fabric in shirts can be used in a variety of ways. Currently, non-woven fabric manufacturing non-woven bonded shirts accounts for 70% of the market, but most of them rely on imports.

On the market, high-grade linings account for 20%, intermediate adhesion linings, resin linings, black carbon linings account for 30%, dusting powder linings mainly low-grade products account for 50%.

Non-woven bonded shirts used in clothing can produce different products with different requirements by changing the fiber type, process and proportion.

The application of non-woven fabric in shirts is characterized by softness, low cost, light weight, non-directional arrangement of fibers, wide range of thickness variation, strong adaptability, and great scalability, which is easy to be compatible with various fabrics.

Secondly, the application of non-woven cloth in the clothing industry has led to the development of the clothing industry and the chemical fiber of bedding, the appearance of down jackets made of silk cotton, glue sprayed cotton and super down cotton, making winter clothes more warm and breathable.

Finally, as mentioned above, non-woven fabric has been used in medical industry such as PP disposable spun-bonded protective clothing, medical protective clothing, SMS medical protective clothing, etc., but non-woven fabric is still expanding its application in the field of clothing, striving for the development of new non-woven fabric.

For example, the United States has recently developed a layer for cotton and polypropylene fiber thermal bonding non-woven cloth, and spunbond cloth composition of two or three layers of composite materials, with strong scalability, water retention and water absorption.

2.4 application of non-woven fabric in engineering construction

Civil engineering materials have been widely used in engineering construction in China.

Civil engineering material is a kind of high technology and high value-added industrial textile material with a wide range of USES, including short fiber needle-punched geotextiles, spunbond geotextiles, geotextiles and grids, composite geotextiles, hot-melt bonded geotextiles.

The material in the application of the engineering construction to reinforcement, isolation, filtration, drainage and seepage control, which has been applied to highway railway engineering, reservoir, coastal, river channel, such as water conservancy project, the land reclamation works in base placemat, soft mattress, urban waste yard, tunnels, tailings dam cofferdam seepage control engineering and sand, keep soil greening projects, such as non-woven fabric in the application of the engineering construction to promote the country's modernization construction, promote the development of the economy.

3 .Conclusions

Non-woven technology due to its practicability and science is gradually becoming the mainstream in the development of technology in our country, in China the process of continuous development of social economy and science and technology, non-woven fabric production technology has been widely used in various fields, we will constantly develop new technology, make the non-woven technology better application in the process of the development of Chinese industries, service for the society.

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