Laminated PP Woven Cooler Bags

Color printing bag factory in the process of printing, of course, will use the printer, one of the key points to pay attention to is to control the thickness of the ink film.
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Laminated PP Woven Cooler Bags

Product Type:Insulated lunch Cooler Bag Laminated PP Woven Cooler Bags
 Material:PP WOVEN / non woven/polyester
SIZE :30*20*15cm
mould  charge:Up to the layout size and colors 
Sample fee: Sample avaible ,but will take sample fee
Production time :Sample :7-10 days, production : 25 days
Price remark :QTY <500 PCS,we quote  EXW factory price .
Shipping :Express for sample and small orders(QTY<1000 PCS). Sea or air shipment for mass production 


- can keep 5-7hours temperature, the thicker FOAM the longer keep time.

- Quick lead time.

- Quick sample time.

- 20 years experience.

Company introduction:


What is your cooler bags sample date?

Our sample time is around 3-5days.

What is your delivery port?

All ports in China.

Can I add my logo on the cooler bags?

Yes sure.

What is express you use?


What factors will affect the cool bags price?

A. Bag’s size B. Printing C. Material D. Workmanship E. Quantity

Use of woven bags

Tourism Transportation Industry

Temporary tents, sunshade umbrellas, travel bags and travel bags in tourism industry are all used for plastics woven fabrics. Various tents are widely used as covering materials for transportation and storage, replacing bulky and mildewy cotton tents. Fences and meshes in construction are also widely used for plastics woven fabrics. Common ones are logistics bags, logistics packaging bags, freight bags, freight packaging bags, etc.




Woven bag printing generally USES two kinds of ink, one is water - based ink, one is oily ink.

What's the difference between the two inks

First of all, water-based woven bag ink solvent is tap water, it is non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable and non-explosive, conducive to human health and environmental protection, oily ink, solvent ink, not easily soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.

Oily ink can be diluted with organic solvents, available absorption surface and non-absorption surface printing, printing is not easy to fade.

Oily ink is characterized by ink viscosity, and fast drying, water resistance, soft, light resistance is quite good.

Ink is more economical when used, effectively saving costs.

Oily ink, there are also environmentally friendly oily ink, no machine solution can be jet code.

Color printing bag factory in the process of printing, of course, will use the printer, one of the key points to pay attention to is to control the thickness of the ink film.

In order to achieve the optimal configuration of each key and to invent and effectively control various variables in printing production, testing should be carried out in advance.

Once variables are invented, they can be tested quantitatively and controlled at a pace that is controlled at first and then improved.

The operator of the color printing bag slitter must be aware of the requirements to optimize the key components of the machine and to effectively control the variables in the production operation.

In the sticking, printing, marking and other key processes, the work number is arranged, and the opposite bottom right corner of the logo is printed on the woven bag. The order number is strictly followed to ensure that each woven bag has a logo.

Color printing bag factory in the design of products, the first thing to make clear the weight of the load of goods, according to the specific gravity of the bag to determine the tonnage of the bag volume, but also to see whether the load of materials is sharp and hard block materials.

In order to guarantee the strength of the base cloth, the tensile strength of the flat wire must be improved.

To the selection of good color printing bags, one should consider the loss of belt strength sewing process;

Two must consider the lifting way.

In order to improve the anti-aging ability of plastic ton bags under sunlight, a certain amount of anti-violet agent and stabilizer should be added in the flat wire drawing process to extend its service life.

In the design of bagging structure, the base cloth is cracked first due to the inconsistency between the strength of the base cloth and the waist band. Therefore, in the design, the base cloth material with the same strength of the waist band and the base cloth is selected.

In addition to the national standard requirements for sewing, color printing bags, but also consider the aging resistance of the seam and seam for the base fabric tensile strength.

The woven bag manufacturer adopts the most advanced technology to produce high-quality products to meet the needs of customers. Here is the production process:

The woven bag is mainly made of polyethylene or polypropylene resin as the main raw material, with a small amount of auxiliary materials added. After blending, the bag is extruded into plastic film by the extruder, cut into silk, stretched under the melting temperature of the resin, and then made into flat wire with high strength and low elongation through molecular orientation and heat setting.

After warping, weaving and laminating, plastic woven cloth is made into base cloth, and flexible woven bag is made after stitching with sling and girdle.

Among them, condole belt also is classics mix makings, draw silk, the craft such as weaving is made.

At present a kind of condole belt that causes by craze silk weave is getting increasingly extensive application, it has gram to weigh low, tensile strength tall, beautiful wait for a characteristic, very welcome 。

Woven bag is suitable for chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic raw materials and other industries, the following will be woven bag manufacturers to introduce the knowledge of the whole bag test method:

The first is the periodic lifting test, whether the woven bag is qualified, mainly depends on whether the content and the bag body have abnormal conditions, whether the connection part is damaged, no means that the test.

Then the vertical drop test is carried out. The full-load container bag is hoisted by the lifting equipment to drop vertically to the hard and flat ground. If there is no overflow of contents and no damage to the bag body of the woven bag, the test will be passed.

It is pressurization test again, put full load woven bag on pressurization machine to undertake pressurization test, the pressure that pressurization machine place adds is woven bag full load weight 4 times, or it is to use static load method.

In addition, in fact, there are dumping test, positivity test, tear propagation test, etc., through these aspects, to ensure the quality of woven bags without problems.

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