Tote Laminated PP Woven Bag

Tote Laminated PP Woven Bag

Tote Laminated PP Woven Bag
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Product Description:

Product name:

Tote Laminated PP Woven Bag


(body) 100gsm PP woven+pp lamination

(handle) pp webbing rope,water Repellant,durable


30X 35X8CM, or any customized size

Handle finishing: 

heat seal, machine stitching, X stitching,sewing


as required Pantone color, CMYK(customized), or send us your samples


Silk screen, heat transfer, offset,   machine rolling printing ,sublimation printing, laminated printing

Reinforced process

Piping/X-Stitch/Edges turn back/Metal   hole/Bottom cardboard


packing, promotional gifts, advertisements, groceries storage , shopping 












PP woven material:

1. Light weight

Polypropylene is usually relatively light, with a density of about 0.9-0.98 g/cm3 for plastic woven fabrics.The commonly used PP woven bag, if not filled, is equal to the density of polypropylene.The density of polypropylene for weaving applications is 0.9-0.91 g/cm3.Usually, knitted fabrics are lighter than water.

2. High fracture strength

PP woven bag is a kind of flexible material with high fracture strength in polypropylene products. It is related to the molecular structure, crystallinity, draft orientation of polypropylene, and the type of additives.If the specific strength (strength/specific gravity) is used to measure the PP woven bag, it will be higher than or close to the metal material.

3. Good chemical corrosion resistance

PP woven bag has good corrosion resistance to inorganic and organic materials below 110℃.It had no effect on it for a long time.It has a strong chemical stability to solvent, oil, etc., when the temperature rises, carbon tetrachloride, xylene, turpentine and so on will expand.Strong oxides such as fuming nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid and halogen elements can oxidize them.Good corrosion resistance to strong base and common acid.

4. Good wear resistance

The friction coefficient between pure polypropylene knitted fabric and nylon is only about 0.12.The friction between polypropylene knitted fabric and its products has a lubricating effect to some extent.

5. Good electrical insulation

Pure PP woven bag is an excellent electrical insulation material.Because it does not absorb moisture, is not affected by air humidity, breakdown voltage is also very high, its dielectric constant is 2.2-2.6, its volume resistance is very high, polypropylene woven fabric insulation is very good, does not mean that it is used as an insulating material.

6. Environmental resistance

At room temperature, PP woven bag is almost completely free from water erosion, the water absorption rate within 24 hours is less than 0.01%, steam: permeability is also very low, at low temperature, it becomes fragile.Polypropylene woven fabrics do not mold.

7. Poor communication skills

The aging resistance of PP woven bag is poor, especially the aging resistance of PP woven bag is lower than that of polyethylene woven fabric.The aging problems are mainly thermal aging and photodegradation.Poor aging resistance of PP woven bag is one of its main defects, which affects its service life and application field.






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