Laminated RPET Shopping Bags

RPET is regenerated polyester fabric; also known as cola bottle environmental protection cloth, RPET non-woven fabric is made of regenerated polyester fabric.
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Product Details

Product Description :

Item Name   Laminated RPET Shopping Bags
Material   160grams after laminated RPET
Size    40W*40H*12G cm      Customized Size Accepted
Color    Customized Color Accepted
Logo    Customized Logo Accepted
MOQ    2000pcs 
Printing    CMYK printing


More  information :


Sample lead time7-10days
Product lead time25-30 days  Up to your quantity
Payment terms30% deposit in advance ,balance against BL Copy

Company introduction:


1) OEM & ODM services.

2) BSCI, GSV, COC, and ICS certificate.

3) FOB, CIF available for us.

4) For the sewing: the bag is much durable and can carry heavier thing under the good sewing.
5) Reusable,recyclable and degradable materials.

6) Quick response and good service.

7) Air shipment, sea shipment and railway transportation available.

8) Competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery, fast turnaround and best service.

9) 24 years of professional manufacturer.


1) What thicknesses of material can you do?

Normally: 140/150/160/170 grams

2) How many pieces you could produce one day?

We can produce 100,000pieces/day.

3) What is printing technology?

Silk-screen, heat transfer or sublimation printing according to design

4Could you provide samples? How could I get the samples? Do they need cost? Will I pay for the shipping fee?

Yes, we could provide samples, but we will charge sample fee, and mold cost if needed.

And you also need pay for the shipping fee.

5) Will your factory arrange inspection for all products?

All of our final products will arrange the inspection as we think that quality is the most important thing for goods.

6) How much do I need to order? (What are the minimum order estimates?)

Our MOQ is 1000pcs, if the qty is lower than this, the unit cost will be much higher.

7) What sizes can you do?

We accept customized size.

RPET material introduction

RPET is regenerated polyester fabric; also known as cola bottle environmental protection cloth, RPET non-woven fabric is made of regenerated polyester fabric.

Product characteristics:

1)High strength

2)little difference in longitudinal

3)transverse strength.

2. Acid and alkali resistance, no AZO and other harmful heavy metal substances are 100% non-toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless to human physiology.

3. It has excellent air permeability.

4. Dyeing the original solution, never fade.

Product usage:

1. Industry - protective cloth, waterproof roll cloth, automobile interior decorative cloth, filter material.

2. Agriculture - agricultural harvest cloth, soil moisturizing cloth, ginseng cord cloth.

3. Civil use - tablecloth, sofa mattress cloth, disposable underwear.

4. Medical protective equipment - protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks, hats, sleeves, sheets, pillowcases, etc.

5. Packaging - composite cement bags, flocculated storage bags, shoe materials (sports shoes lining), suit bags, shopping bags, gift bags, bags and luggage lining cloth integrated bags.


1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



Plastic bottle recycling, classification and discrimination is very important

Plastic bottle recycling, now with the deepening of the concept of environmental recycling, this waste plastic to get more space for recycling, some enterprises are optimistic about the value of plastic processing, waste plastic recycling, have set their eyes on the plastic industry.

In the recycling, these plastics also need sorting, different plastics, recycling methods are not the same.

So, for the common plastic, how to carry on the classification selection, here is a summary of common plastic classification knowledge, with you comprehensive understanding of the plastic recycling industry.

I. broken water inlet materials.

The procurement of broken materials first to see whether the whole material is consistent, followed by the quality of the material, color, and then see the purity of the material.

Two, detergent bottles, hair shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles and so on

This kind of waste plastic bottle is quite complex, and the materials used by various manufacturers are different. The materials of this kind of bottle include: PET, PVC, HDPE.

This kind of waste plastic bottles are generally opaque color, most of the things in the bottle are not completely clean, so processed materials are relatively low color.

It is worth mentioning that this kind of waste plastic bottles for PET and PVC are relatively low. Generally, the quality of waste plastic bottles' materials is relatively good. The purchasing quality of bottles is the most important.

However, it is difficult to see if there is any water or other impurities in it, so it is more difficult to purchase bottles, and it should be carefully examined and evaluated.

Control risk.

Three, milk bottle

Most of the waste plastic milk bottles are made by HDPE. Generally, you only need to check whether the milk inside is clean or not, because the milk bottle is not transparent and you cannot see whether it is clean or not. You should be careful to check.

Mineral water bottle

This kind of waste plastic bottle is relatively clean, because it is transparent, there is no water can be seen inside, the main should pay attention to is: first check whether there is mixed PVC bottle, estimate the content of PVC bottle, then look at the color, estimate the content of color bottle, the closer to the primary color transparent is higher, the closer to the black is lower.

Look at the thickness of the bottle, because some bottles are relatively thick, some relatively thin, thick bottles in the processing of fast production, to make the material beautiful, high.

Thin bottle low yield and poor whiteness, low.

Then estimate the content of other impurities.

Waste plastic business profit and risk coexist, procurement is an important part of profit, in the procurement of waste plastic bottles.

Be careful: quality

Amount, impurity, water content, compound, filler content, mixture,

High temperature material, thermosetting plastic, color, color.

Only control the wind

Risk can be in an invincible position, only the procurement of good materials to increase profits Embellish. 

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