Laminated RPET Tote Bags

RPET lixin is commonly known as coke bottle non-woven fabric (because its original raw materials are made from discarded coke bottle flakes, processed into polyester staple fiber, and then processed by needling or non-woven process).
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Laminated RPET Tote Bags

Product nameWholesale custom Laminated RPET Tote Bags                                              
MaterialNon woven/RPET/PP WOVEN
SizeAs your requirement
PrintingPrinting by lamination
MOQ1000pcs,the bigger quantity, the cheaper price
ColorCYMK and pantone
Lead time10-12 days or according to your requirement
Sample timeSample 7-10ys, mass production depends on quantity
Warm tipPlease confirm all product details before production.



1) What thicknesses of material can you do?

Normally: 140/150/160/170 grams

2) How can we get a quote of Laminated RPET tote bags?

Please offer us the specification of the product, such as artworks, material, size, shape, color, etc. And e-mail us.

3 What is printing technology?

Silk-screen, heat transfer or sublimation printing according to design

4Could you provide samples? How could I get the samples? Do they need cost? Will I pay for the shipping fee?

Yes, we could provide samples, but we will charge sample fee, and mold cost if needed.

And you also need pay for the shipping fee.

5) Will your factory arrange inspection for all products?

All of our final products will arrange the inspection as we think that quality is the most important thing for goods.

6) What is express you use?




1. Sewing department,

2. Printing department.



1. RPET lixin (sewn non-woven fabric)

RPET lixin is commonly known as coke bottle non-woven fabric (because its original raw materials are made from discarded coke bottle flakes, processed into polyester staple fiber, and then processed by needling or non-woven process).

It is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. The stitching method is to reinforce the fiber mesh, yarn layer, non-textile material (such as plastic sheet, plastic foil, etc.) or their combination with warp knitting coil structure to make non-woven fabric.

RPET lixin cloth has excellent characteristics: 1. Durable, non-variant, similar to textile, good hand-feel recycled PET non-woven; 2.

2 with health performance, can promote blood circulation;

3. Wear resistance and good air permeability;

4. With some special functions, such as: waterproof;

5. Free of azo and heavy metals, environmentally friendly and harmless.

6.RPET lixin cloth, with rich colors and patterns through dyeing and printing, can meet the aesthetic needs of different groups of people.

Main application: shopping bag, environmental bag, mattress, filter material, shoe material.

2. PET non-woven fabric

PET non-woven fabric is 100% polyester new material, so the price is slightly higher than that of RPET non-woven fabric.

Weighing 80-260 grams per square meter, the maximum width of the finished product is 2.8 meters.

Its main USES can be broadly divided into:

(1) medical and health cloth: operating suit, protective clothing, disinfectant bag cloth, mask, diapers, etc.;

(2) household decorative cloth: shopping bag, handbag, environmental bag, supermarket shopping bag, wall cloth, tablecloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc.;

(3) following and mounting cloth: lining, adhesive lining, flocculation, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather backing cloth, etc.;

(4) industrial cloth: filter material, insulation material, cement packaging bag, geotextile, covering cloth, etc.;

(5) agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc.;

(6) others: space cotton, insulation materials, oil felt, smoke filter, bag bag tea bag, etc.

3. The difference of PET RPET and the fabric (fabric), such as 600D, etc

RPET can be simply understood as recycled PET, so where to recycle it?

This is the coke bottle. You can know where the recycled fabric is from from this picture.

We know that besides the general PP (polypropylene) non-woven fabric is the most advanced (repeated use can save the use of plastic bags), now domestic daily life has been widely used, and used as a corporate image of many companies as a gift advertising.

RPET is a more environmentally friendly alternative because it USES polyester filament from recycled plastic bottles, saving oil refining and reducing carbon emissions.

So a good environmental protection material, how to have more use in daily life?

At present, on the export orders, bags made by RPET stitching (i.e., lixin cloth) are gradually accepted by consumers. In addition to simple screen printing advertisements, they can also be used for peritoneal color printing just like PP (polypropylene) non-woven fabrics.

So how to make this kind of good environmental protection fabric, more environmental protection?

In terms of service life, more and more durable RPET fabrics have also been discovered and put into the market by the professional market development team of jiashang handbag.

What other fabrics are there?

If we take the RPET thread, we can sew the Oxford cloth 300 300 (300D) and 600 600 or 600 300D (600D Oxford cloth) with the material of RPET, the price is equivalent to the price of nylon Oxford cloth.

According to the proportion of RPET in the fabric, the price is different. Basically, the two specifications are 51%RPET and 100%RPET.

Now is still recognized by many consumers, and has a high awareness of environmental protection companies as corporate advertising bags to set up and improve its environmental image.

Of course, it can also be used to make other fabrics, such as woven fabrics, which are even more expensive due to its production technology and are rarely used at present.

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